Friday, 5 October 2012

Weekly Wish List #5

Jeans- Missguided / Jumper- Missguided / Disco Pants- Missguided / Velvet Shorts- TopShop / Bracelet/Ring - TopShop / Boots - both Daisy Street / Tights- all MissSelfridge

Another week, another wish list! I am still too poor to have a splurge (sob) but I have been promised a shopping trip for my upcoming birthday, so I am really excited to finally get a AW wardrobe!
Although this is a wish list, the first item is more of a need, as my current 'good' jeans have got a hole in :( Although they are my favourite jeans and they fit perfectly, I have decided not to replace them with an identical pair. I came across these lovelies and fell in love. Not only are they a lovely deep navy (super flattering) they have tiny skull studds on the pockets! They are absolutely perfect and so me.

I know I've said all along I'm a flats girl and I hate heels, but I am really contemplating buying a pair of these JC lookalikes. I've seen them lots on peoples blogs and they seem to be saying they're pretty comfortable, so i might give them a go! I like the classic suede/studs combination but the skull stud ones caught my eye. I can never resist skulls!

Hurry up Birthday! I have lots on my list!

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