Monday, 17 December 2012

Men's Fashion Magazine- My first article!

I am so excited to give you all a link to my very first published article!

It's about how the 1920's are influencing men's fashion at the moment and, as I go on about a lot, one of the style icon's is Jay Gatsby!

I hope you all like it and I can't wait to submit my second article. I love researching the topics and, suprisingly, men's fashion is really interesting.
Now I just have to get my boyfriend to take my styling advice!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Because I know that it's L.O.V.E.

I usually have a flick through the fashion magazine's that come with the weekend newspapers, and this weekend was no different. You Magazine that comes with the Daily Mail had Sarah Hadland on the cover in a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana red dress from Net-a-Porter. Of course it is far out of my
budget, but I have fallen in love with it! The black netting underneath is so lovely and the shape is my favourite style for a dress.

I now aspire to(one day!) get married in this dress or one very similar! I've never wanted a white dress as I am so pale and I much prefer red, so this is my ideal dress.

On another note, I am starting a 'Mulberry' Fund in the new year. I worked out that if I save £10 a week for just under 2 years I can get either of the Mulberry bags that I want, which makes we want to cry a little bit. But maybe one day I'll treat myself to one.

I was chosen to be 'Blog of the Day' by 'The Upcoming' this week which was really exciting as now my blog is being recognized and saw a huge influx of page views. If you are new to my blog, or look at it already, please follow me :) 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Go to Hollywood and pay the price

I had my work Christmas party last week and this is what I wore. I forgot to get a proper full length picture of myself in it (perhaps due to the copious amounts of cocktails) so here's the next best thing. I wore this dress only once before, on my prom. It's such a pretty dress, but it's just a bit too dressy for most events (can anything ever be 'too dressy'?) So I thought I would take advantage of the occaison and get another wear out of it.
I wore a fabulous red peticoat underneath to give it a fuller, vintage feel and managed to keep my cute peeptoes for at least 3 hours! (again, possibly with help from the cocktails)
I felt so fun in it, and swirled around like a child far too many times.
As it's quite eye catching, I probably couldn't wear it that often as I like to not wear the exact thing twice but I'm thinking of ways to change it up a bit as its such a flattering fit.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Decemeber Wish List

Leather Disco Pants - Daisy Street / Coat - MissSelfridge / Socks- MissSelfridge / Skirts- Miso@Republic / Studded Slippers - MissGuided / Velvet Boots-  Dr. Martens / Sweater - Republic / Turban - Alice Hannah for Topshop

Can't believe it is Decemeber already! This time last year I had a broken foot and was studying for January exams. It's mad how quickly time can pass, and how different your circumstances can change. Not in my wildest dreams last year did I think  I'd be where I am now.

As mentioned in my last post, I have changed my 'weekly wish list' to a monthly feature, as really, I'm not a very wanting person and found it hard to keep finding things I really wanted on a weekly basis. So here is my first monthly post! I love Autumn/Winter fashion so doing this Wish List was easy. The coat and socks was featured in my last post about Alexa Chung. I have some left over Topshop vouchers from my birthday, so I am going to put them towards the coat as I think it's a very classic style and I could get years of wear out if it.

I visited Westfields Stratford a few weeks ago (which is amazing!) and rediscovered Republic. It houses some great brands and has some really nice things in at the moment. Although I really like the Guns N' Roses sweater, it annoys me when people buy and wear tops with band logo's, and they don't know a single song by them!

My trusty Missguided studded slippers have fallen apart :( it was inevitable though as I wore them almost daily, so I need to replace them. Also, love the velvet DM! They don't have the trademark yellow stitching so look slightly sleeker in my opinion.

Finally, the headband / turban is a trend I havent yet tried, but am contemplating this winter. If I get my full fringe back, I'd say its a no-no, but if not, I might dabble with the trend!