Friday, 20 September 2013

ART: Coco Chanel: A New Portrait by Marion Pike, Paris 1967-7

Hello all, 

Yesterday, my friend Rose & I went to The Fashion Space Gallery, that forms part of London College of Fashion. Presently they are showing `Coco Chanel: A New Portrait by Marion Pike, Paris 1967-7`, which being a fashion & Chanel fans caught our attention.

I have to say, it was a rather small space. I want expecting anything on a V&A type scale, however it only took about five to ten minutes to complete the whole collection. Nevertheless, the idea & concept is lovely.  It is a celebration of the legendary Gabrielle `coco` Chanel and Californian artist Marion Pikes friendship, formed in 1967.  

According to The Telegraph The designer had refused Pablo Piccasso's request to paint her portrait, but allowed Pike, whose 1966 portrait of former US president Ronald Reagan covered Timemagazine, to do so.
They went on to become great friends and Pike was known for wearing Chanel suits when she wasn't working.
Honestly, I hadn't heard of Marion Pike prior to this, but I liked her free, sketchy style.

Sorry I was very rubbish & didn't note down the names of the art works. But I think the use of colour & the aforementioned free style to me scream Paris & the pace of life. My only gripe is the earthy, muddy colours. Chanel, for me, is all about the monochrome. 

Along with the chanel paintings & some other landscape, still lives & a self portrait, some Chanel garments, letters & photographs accompanied & completed the exhibition.

The small space was very intimate & it was interesting reading about her private life. If you're into fashion, art or a Chanel fan, I'd definitely pop in, as its free & just of Oxford street.

 I've never really done any art type posts, but I am about to start a part time degree so hope/expect to be visiting more galleries.
Would you be interested in more art based posts?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fashion Week Essentials #3: Electrical Essentials

Hello all,

I hope you enjoyed London Fashion Week. Even though I've been working flat out for the whole thing for the show I'm involved in, I've enjoyed the reporting from my favourite bloggers! I must say, London Fashion Week is probably my favourite due to it's edgy, rebelious style (closely followed by the beautiful couture creations of Paris!)

Even though New York & London Fashion Weeks are over, we still have to make way for Milan & the finale in 'le gai Pairs'! This installment of 'Fashion Week Essential' focus' on the more boring items, but necessary none the less.

How boring does this look? Making it was so boring! 
Nevertheless, each item is very much needed for us bloggers!

First off, an iPad, Kindle Fire or any other kind of tablet is perfect for blogging on the go. In London at least there were several blogger friendly media lounges or spaces set aside with free WiFi so you can report on the trends as they happen! Tablets are light & easy to use, so much better than lugging a laptop with you. 
A camera is also essential to capture all the fashion week action, from who's on the FROW, to what's the new it silhouette, to snapping some inspirational street style. I haven't got too much advice or knowledge on this subject as I have a very old camera, but I do know that although it may be the case that 'bigger is better' (camera's cheeky!), I would prefer a smaller, but still decent, camera. Also, even though taking pictures for your blog, or personal use is important, don't get too wrapped up in getting the perfect shot. Make sure you actually watch the show! & not through a lenses, enjoy and embrace the atmosphere of the show.
Phones. Who could live without them now. As a recent convert to the iPhone, I have to say I wouldbe a little lost without it. With maps, emails and internet on the go, you can make your way from show to show with the help of your mobile.
With all this tech-y stuff, you must remember to bring changers! I love this adaptor that has multiple wires to charge lots of different devices. (Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about? I'm probably one of the most technology 'backwards' people around!)
Finally, I kicked it old school & included some batteries. You never know when you might need them I guess!

Now, because this was very tech-y &, in my opinion, boring(!), I thought I'd 'fashion it up', & include some tech accessories.
 Clockwise l-r: iPhone Home button stickers- Topshop | Oxblood phone purse- Topshop | Leopard print E-Reader pouch- New Look | iPhone case- Moschino via Net-a-Porter | iPad pouch- Marc by Marc Jacobs | iPad case- Lanvin via Net-a-Porter | Cat Earphones & matching iPhone case- New Look

The above items will personalise & fashion-ize your tech-y bits. These, as previous posts, are all my style, but ensure you extend your own style to your electrical items.
I love the cute cat accessories from New Look, proof that I will be the crazy cat lady! I added some designer bits, obviously out of my budget but I can admire them from a far!

So, as the grande finale creeps closer, I have one final 'Fashion Week Essentials' post for you lovely readers, all about paper work & passes. Again, I will balance the boring with the beautiful & keep it fashion based.


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fashion Week Essentials #2: Fashion Faves

Hello all

#NYFW is now in full swing! Instagram & Twitter are being bombarded with SS14 pictures & updates of what is going to be in vogue in the new year.
Today's post is going to focus on some fashion favourites. Of course, fashion week is about creativity. Look at any fashion blogger or FROW, & you'll see an array of style, from daring to demure. However, there are some items that I believe you should definitely include. In the below collage, I have put together some basic essentials, with a nod towards my own style. These can be tailor made to suit your style or outfits over fashion week!

 Clockwise from topleft: Roll up ballet flats- Rollasole | Blazer- New Look | Bowler Bag- Zara | Shopper- Zara | Sunglasses- Topshop | Black tights- Primark | Silver & Black necklace- New Look | Silver necklace- Rock n Rose | Monochrome scarf- Topshop

So, as this was my essentials most of the items are black, shock! However, the principle of each item has a reason.

First off, a pair of roll up ballet flats are absolute essentials to through in your bag to run between shows. Lightweight, simple & plain, these come in a range of colours so you can match them to your outfit. I chose black ones with a tiny skull, because it's me! 
Next, as I stated in my previous post about beauty essentials, which you can read here, both September & February fashion weeks, in all of the host cities, it is likely to be a little chilly! Including a light jacket or blazer is a good idea. I love this New Look one, as it's a good mix of casual but could also smarten up an outfit too. Of course, chose a jacket that suits your outfit, but I'd say a jacket is a must have.
Having a fairly big bag is essential, not only for all your must haves, but also it's likely you will receive some goodies on your travels, from food to fashion bits. So having a fairly large bag will mean you can throw everything in & be carrier bag free. These two from Zara are plain black & very large. Although I do love a designer bag, sometimes an unbranded bad is also very handy so you can take it to any show without being attached to a certain brand, for example taking a Mulberry bag to a Celine show may not look that great!
As I've previously mentioned, September & February have very temperamental weather, so although it could be cold, you may also have a sunny day, so a pair of sunglasses are a good idea. As you may know, I love the cats eye shape, they suit my face & are timeless.
 If you're wearing tights, I think it's a good idea to bring a spare pair, in case of ladders!
My penultimate items are two statement necklaces. I think accessorizing can really change an outfit, so these statement necklaces can glam up a day outfit for night, or just change between shows & make you look appropriate for the show you're attending. I love the RocknRose cuff style silver necklace, it's simple but still makes a statement.
Finally, having a chiffony scarf is again a good idea for the intermittent weather, & similar to the necklaces, it can really change up an outfit.

Of course, you should also show your style over fashion week & use it as a time to express your personality & creativity. These items are just a basis to help make things most comfortable. For example, chose different colours or styles of flats, bag, scarf and glasses to suit your style & inject some personality to your look.

Next time I'll be doing a tech essentials post, from camera's to chargers!
Hope you're all enjoying the fashion week reports & even more so if you've attended any shows in New York!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fashion Week Essentials #1: Beauty Bits

Hello all

As you probably know, today kicks off the start of Fashion Week SS14. As usual, New York hosts the first week of new season fashion offerings, particularly for sportswear, London follows for edgy, avant-garde design; then Milan for its over-the-top yet stylish looks; & finally Paris for haute couture. Although each city brings a different climate, culture & catwalk, I thought I would put together a series of 'Fashion Week Essentials'; items that you should carry with you regardless of season or city.

As I'm a bit of a beauty obsessive, I decided to kick off with some beauty bits that I think you need over fashion week, all small & light enough to carry with you should you be lucky enough to attend the shows, or if you go along to do a spot of style or celebrity spotting!

Top Row (l-r): MAC Fix+ Travel Sized | Superdrug Antibacterial Hand Gel Travel Sized | Nivea Roll On Deodrant Travel Size | Kleenex Pocket Tissues
Middle Row (l-r): Kirby Grips | Seamless Hair Bands | Compact Mirror and Brush | Batiste Dry Shampoo Travel Sized
Bottom Row (l-r): Collection Sheer Loose Powder | Cosmopolitan Retractable Powder Brush | Carmex Cherry Lip Balm | Topshop Lip Bullet in 'Rockabilly'

Because September fashion week follows straight on from  the summer break, travel sizes are still available, which are the perfect size & weight to pop into your bag.

M.A.C Fix+ is a great makeup fixer, but also a quick spritz will refresh your face. Traveling from venue to venue, often on public transport will expose you to germs aplenty, so I would always pack some antibacterial hand gel, again in a travel size, & on hot subways / underground, deodorant is a must! Roll on is, supposedly, much better for you than spray, so I chose that. Tissues are handy too.

Hair must haves include clips & hair bands (make sure you opt for bands without a metal join as these damage your hair) to transform & tame your tresses. This Denman compact hair brush & mirror is small but useful. Finally, travel size dry shampoo is great to refresh your hair & give you some volume.

Choosing only a couple of makeup bits were hard, but I managed to whittle it down to only the pieces you will actually use. It's all well & good bringing eyeshadow palettes & full makeup bags with you every day, but when I thought about what I actually ever use when I'm out & about, these were the most obvious. Even though it'll be September or February, running from show to show & sitting close together in the catwalks will no doubt make you a little shiny! Collections loose powder is lightweight but will take away the shine. Use with this retractable powder brush, that's compact & clean. As both September & February fashion weeks occur in Autumn or Winter, looking after chapped lips is essential; I love Carmex lip balm & find tubes or stick lip products a lot more hygienic than pots, like Vaseline. Finally, having a red lip crayon in your bag means you can instantly add some glamour to your look, or take you from daytime shows to late night after show parties. Topshop lip crayons aren't too drying & are hugely pigmented.

Next time I'll be putting together some fashion essentials, followed by tech essentials! 

Is anyone attending any shows this Fashion Week?

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

J'adore...Barry M Autumn/Winter Launches!

Hello all

I'm in the midst of a very busy week, including 3 interviews (!) Having applied to lots over the summer & hearing nothing, I had pretty much accepted that I hadn't succeeded. Yet this past week I've scheduled in three! Fingers crossed!

This 'J'adore...' post is about the new launches Barry M have later this month. Barry M are one of my favourite drugstore brands, in terms of cost & quality. I have lots of their products already, however when I received an emailing outlining the new products they are offering for AW'13, I couldn't wait to share it with you!

First of all their new nail polishes. Most of my nail polishes are from Barry M. This isn't an exaggeration. I would say over half of all my polishes are Barry M, from regular to the effects, I have a range of them. What I love about them is their colour range, which is extensive, but also their range of textures & finishes. Their first new launch is a collection of matte finish polishes. I love matte nails, & they were seen all over the catwalk for AW. In 5 winter appropriate shades, I am so excited to try these out! I already have a matte top coat, however it can be hard to ensure the entire nail is covered,which can result in shiny patches. Having a matte finish nail polish solves this! My favourite shades are Espresso, Crush & Vanilla.

Shades(left to right): ‘Espresso’ (Black MNP1), ‘Vanilla’ (Pink Nude MNP4), ‘Mocha’ (Medium Brown MNP5), ‘Caramel’ (Light Brown MNP3),‘Crush’ (Burgundy Red MNP2)   
Price: £3.99 each
The next product I'm excited for are the eye & cheek palettes. I recently reviewed the B. Smokey Eye Palette, which you can read here. However, I believe you can never have enough palettes! They are great if you travel a lot & you can create such a range of looks without carting your entire makeup collection with you. There are three palettes being launches later this month, 'Glamour Puss', 'Smokin Hot' & 'Natural Glow', however I will be focusing on the latter two. 
Natural Glow Eye & Cheek Palette
With a range of natural, & from what I can see, matte shadows this is a lovely little eye shadow collection, paired with a light pink blush. I'm excited to try this out!
 Smokin Hot Eye & Cheek Palette
Although I recently reviewed another smokey eye palette, it's a look that I really like so trying out new ones is always of interest to me. These 6 shades are a mix of matte and shimmer. I especially like the look of the third shade. The peachy blush may be too strong for me but I will have a try.
Both palettes come with a large mirror & 2 double ended eyeshadow applicators. This, along with 6 shadows & 1 blush, is really good for only £6.49!
These are my favourite picks of the launch, which will also include a new mascara & foundation line. These will hit Superdrug stores from September 25th & Boots stores from October 2nd! 
Are there any AW13 beauty launches you're excited about?

Sunday, 1 September 2013

September is the January of Fashion

Hello all

Those of you who have seen R.J. Cutler’s fly on the wall documentary “The September Issue”, a film which shows the making of the biggest issue of Vogue ever, may recgonise the title of this post. Candy Pratts Price, Fashion Editor of American Vogue, said in the film; “September is the January in Fashion”. This, along with the title of the film, demonstrates just how important September is to the fashion industry. As Fashion Week takes place in September, often people see it has a 'new begninning'.

However, it's not just in the fashion industry that people view September as a kind of 'new year'. Schools begin their new year in Septmeber & in a previous job of mine, I found out that sales often increase in Septmeber & it's the perfect time to launch a product as people are looking to start afresh or try new things.

I am defnintely viewing September as my new begninng. I have some exciting projects coming up, that I'm sure I will reveal on here once everything is confirmed, & I'm trying to have a fresh start. For me, September is a good time to begin. My birthday is in October so that means I have a month trial and settle into my changes before I become another age, the weather is still fairly nice & the beginning of Autumn, my favourite season & finally, this year I have gone through a lot of bad stuff & I finally just want to move on & start again. So instead of waiting for January, & influenced by watching 'The September Issue' whilst reading September Vogue, I decided that I would really try this month.

So I thought I would share with you some of my new year projects & plans!

1. Second season of working on LFW! I have the oppourtunity to work on London Fashion Week later this month & I am so excited. Having one season already under my belt, I feel a lot more confident about this season & promise to document it much better than I previously did. It will be at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, so I'm excited to see some up & coming desingers, but also hope to have a quick stop at Somerset House too.

2. I have an internship with a fabulous magazine upcoming that is such an amazing opportunity & will hopefully help me land a perminent position eventually.

3. I'm setting up a YouTube channel! After debuting on Millie's, of She Hearts The High Street, channel in August, I've been getting together some filming equipment & organising a nice backdrop so I aim to have my first solo video this Saturday coming!

4. I have an idea for a weekly or bi-weekly feature that I can't wait to start. It will involve quite a bit of research & will combine a few of my different interests. It is something I am really enthusiastic about & I am finally going to commit to. Also, another plan is to post far more regularly.

I do have some other excitment in the pipline but as I said previously, I want more confirmation & certainty beore I let you all know!