Thursday, 26 July 2012

M.A.C AIDS fund raises £250 million!

This post is to celebrate and congratulate M.A.C Cosmetics on hitting the $250 Million mark for money raised to help people who live with HIV/AIDS. Their mission is to 'serve people of all ages, all races and all sexes affected by HIV and AIDS' and in reaching this monumental figure, it is safe to say that they most definitely are helping those afefcted by HIV and AIDS.

100% of each Viva Glam Lipstick sold goes to the M.A.C AIDS fund, which was founded in 1994 and has had some amazing ambassadors over its 18 years. A few very important ambassadors include RuPaul, Elton John, Boy George, Pamela Anderson, Debbie Harry, Dita Von Teese, Lady Gaga, Cindy Lauper and most recently Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin.

With such an influentail group of ambassadors and a worthy cause it is no wonder that the M.A.C AIDS fund has rasied so much!

So please, if you haven't already bought yourself a Viva Glam Lipstick, gogogo! Not only are the colours amazing, M.A.C lipsticks are amazing alone and you'll be supporting an incredibly worthy charity!

Busy Bee Buzzzz

I have been so busy for the last month that I haven't had any time to blog. I cannot believe it has been almost an entire month since my last blog post. I'm sorry! I'm going to get back in to posting regularly, Brownie promise :)

Lots has happened this month.

Firstly, I went on my first 'girls' holiday this month. I went to Kavos as I mentioned in previous posts. It was amazing, minus a trip to the doctors for an injection in my bum because I was bitten so badly by mosquitos! I did plan to do 'Holiday OOTD' But i didn't really get round to it, so I will collate pictures of my outfits from other photos to post on a 'Holiday' Special.

Loads of other quite small things have happened this month as well, like me losing my London Clubbing virginity. I went out for my friends birthday in SoHo at the beginning of the month, and it made me realise I need to branch out more! My local places to go out are really boring me with their main stream music and groups of pretty much naked girls. In London, I found it was a much nicer, older group of people. No silly fights over who kissed someones girlfriend and such.

My friend also invited me to the 'Broadwalk Empire' Series 2 dvd launch in Regents Street last week, which was amazing! I will definitely be doing a blog post devoted to that! It was such a fun evening and I had far too much free Champagne.

Also, July saw me and my boyfriend Jason celebrate 10 months and he bought me a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal ring with a Pearl on. It is beautiful. It wasn't an engagement ring, but in his words 'its the ring before'. It was the cutest thing he could have done and I am so happy. Soppy I know, but I am so happy!

Overall, July has been an incredible month, and I WILL get round to blogging more and make a July in Pictures post as soon as I can, so probably this weekend :)