Friday, 29 June 2012

Rock Star Daughters

Rock Star Daughters

Georgia May Jagger / Daisy Lowe / Frances Cobain / Tali Lennox / Pixie and Peaches Gekdof / Lourdes Leon / Miley Cyrus / Kelly Osbourne

Being the daughter of a Rock Star would be for many girls (including myself!) the idea of heaven! Let alone growing up in a house you are surrounded by music, industry type people and have the networking skills to rival many, you would also inherit the style traits, and in many cases the waredrobes, of your famous parents. Since Rock music errupted into the more mainstream audiences and music and fashion have collided, there has been a whole generation of girls with rockstar parents that have grown into beautiful women with impeccable, alternative style that mixes high fashion sophistication, with the harder, grungier influences of their parents careers. These ladies are proof that when it comes to rock star fashion sense, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

All the women here are fashion influences to me to some extent. While some I have been aware of for a fairly long time, such as Daisy Lowe and Kelly Osbourne, others are quite new to me and their styles are all so interesting and fashion foreward that they interest me greatly. While the younger generation, like Miley and Lourdes, are just finding their fashion feet and emerging as style icons, the older fashionistas are firming their places among the front rows of Fashion Weeks and style red carpets world wide. Collaborations with designers, musicians and front covers of thousands of magazines combined, these daughters of Rockstars are definitely a force to be reckoned with!


Monday, 18 June 2012

Summer, summer, summer time!!

It is officially 21 days until I'll be gracing Kavos, Corfu with my presence, along with most of the female population of my college! I am really excited! To celebrate I went on a Summer Shopping Spree. Well hardly a spree as funds are tight at the moment to save for spending money, but either way, I started my summer wardrobe. The clothes are from New Look, and the sandals are Office. I also bought a Guns N Roses crop top and stripey crop top from H&M. At the beginning I was planning to buy brights and summery type clothes, but that is so not me, I decided to be true to myself and go for skulls and studs. Probably won't fit in but who cares!
I still have some bits I want to get before I go as you can see below:

I'm bringing 4 bikinis in total. They are all red, black or white so I will easily be able to mix and match! The floaty skirt will look fab at night and the heart top is made of tiny skulls \m/

I'm really excited for my holiday! Kind of secretly hoping my Mum goes on the BBC3 programme 'Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents'!!!

Black & Silver nails

I've been getting slightly more creative with my nails lately, although as you can see from these pictures I am still very much an amateur! However, I have to start somewhere! Here I used Collection 2000 in Liquorice with the Rimmel mattifying topcoat I blogged about previously. Although that looked nice on its own, I then did a thin half moon (however sometimes it was just a line!) at the bottom of each nail. I loved how it looked and lots of people have commented on how nice they look! I recently got paid (at last!) and now I'm looking at more creative nail designs and accessories! I'm still lusting after the Ciate Caviar nail varnish, but as I blogged about before, it is quite expensive! I also like the glitter pots I've been seeing in Superdrug, I think they're by GOSH? Keep an eye out for future nail art posts! 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Stud Obsession

ballet pumps, Topshop / platform boots, Missguided / dress, Newlook / shorts, Missguided / shirt, Missguided / ring,
Lately, I have lusting after anything with studs! Luckily, studs are appearing in lots of High Street shops, so my obsession is being fed! I already have many stud-encrusted items, like my studded slippers, but I have collected some studded items that I really want!

I know I posted a few weeks ago that I don't like heels, but these babies are soooo beautiful I am tempted to risk the discomfort for them. They are similar the the Jeffery Campbell platforms in Office at the moment, but a fraction of the price and I think they still look high quality. I'm trying to justify getting them by telling myself the platform lessens the 5" heel, but I know they will still really hurt! I may break my flats committment. Watch this space.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rimmel Pro Matte Finish

Pro Matte Finish, Rimmel / Fire Engine, Collection 2000 / Grey, Barry M

Please excuse how badly I painted my nails! I was in a rush!
I've been lusting after this top coat from Rimmel for so long. I don't know why I haven't bought it before yesterday, whenever I'd go shopping it would just slip my mind!
I really like matte nails and this takes the shine off any nail polish. It's used instead of a top coat, that would add shine. I really like it as now all my nail varnishes can have two tones, practically doubling my nail varnish collection!
I mixed a burgandy colour with a dark grey at the moment. I love having two colours on my nails as it catches people attention and can tie into different colours in an outfit. I usually mix about what nails I but the different colours on so I always have different versions and colour matches.
I always, ALWAYS have nail varnish on. Few people have seen me without polish on. I just think nails look so much better with varnish on. Luckily, I have quite naturally long and hard nails so sometimes people mistake them for false talons. I have had false nails twice ever, and as much as I liked them and the thickness they provided, the upkeep was too much hassle and expense. Plus, natural nails are easier to change colours I think.

 In other news, I'm seeing Blink 182 on Saturday! I'm so excited!
I also got tickets to the Topshop Vogue Event in August. Is anyone else going?

Friday, 1 June 2012

Glamour Magazine, Benefit gifts


July 2012 issue of Glamour had fabulous gifts with them so I had to buy two out of the three on offer! They had different covers for the different products so in my mind it was justifiable. I buy Glamour every month anyway, but only one copy! However, when I saw it had Benefit make up free I definitely didn't mind spending £4 on 2 samples. I picked 'The POREfessional' and 'That Gal' primer, the last option was 'BADgal mascara' which I already own.

'That Gal' primer is a product that I've been interested in for a while. Whenever I've had a make up lesson or had make up put on at a Benefit counter they have always used 'That Gal' and I thought it gave such a nice glow to my skin. I never bought it though as it is quite expensive, so this little sample is great for me to test it a few times and see if I can use it well enough before I buy it, or find one similar. The colour is like the Benefit 'High Beam' which I love, and it smells gorgeous!

'The POREfessional' is described in Glamour as 'a lightweight, silky-smooth pore minimiser'. I get quite visable pores on my nose and chin so thought I'd give this a try. I don't really like the texture as it's quite oily and I like more matte make up. It is faitly light though, which is good as I have very pale skin. I'm not sure if I'll invest in a full size version of this, but it's nice as a sample and change to my routine!

Magazine gifts are really great ways to gain a newer fan base and introduce people to products they may not have tried before, so whenever I see magazines with gifts I tend to buy them!