Friday, 24 August 2012

Topshop & Vogue Auntum / Winter '12 Preview

On Wedensday 22nd August, I was lucky enough to go to the Vogue & Topshop Autumn / Winter Preview Show at Topshop in Knightsbridge. I love being in that are as it remind me of being in Harrods around Christmas time, so I had that faint excitement in my stomach before I'd even reached the store. On my arrival I was offered Champagne or a yummy soft drink, which I chose as I wasn't really in the mood for Champagne after work. There were also delicious canapes and tiny desserts on offer too. For the first hour I just looked around the store, already lusting after many items I'd placed on my Wish List and 'Come As You Are' posts.
Then I took my seat and Calgary Avansino, Executive Fashion Editor of Vogue, talked us through Autumn Winter Trends from Topshop which was insightful and gave me lots of ideas of items to purchase and trends to mix together. Afterwards I had a chat with her about Internships and advice and got my picture taken with her (please excuse how awful I look. I rushed straight from work and I look an absolute mess!)

Although I didn't purchase anything, as I'm saving for Ibiza next week, I tried on the most amazing lace overlay pencil skirt which I will be getting!

Overall it was an amazing experience and I am so glad I went :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nails of the Week #1

I know I have previously post pictures of my nails, like my black and silver nails post and others, however I have decided to make it a weekly thing and try to be more adventurous in trying nail art. This week I was insipred by Zooey Deschanel's Tuxedo Nails so attempted them myself! Apologies for the quality of the photos, I'm using my Blackberry at the moment and the camera is really bad! For a first attempt, I think they aren't terrible! Of course they are slightly shakey and not quite as perfect as Miss Deschanel's but it's a start!
I used Barry M white and Collection 2000 Liquorice using a very thin eyeliner applicator for the details, then Barry M top coat to seal it.

Last week I attempted to Ombre my nails in a blood red (red to black) but it didn't turn out too well, I need a darker red for the middle shade. I've been looking at loads of inspiration from on which they have a 'Nails of the Day' post and Zooey Deschanel is co founder. I have a major girl crush on her right now. I've also been looking at WAH and for inspiration and ideas.

50 Shades Of Grey Inspired Fashion

50 Shades Of Grey

This morning I finally jumped on the bandwagon and started to read '50 Shades of Grey' by E.L James (who by very tenuous links it appears I am sort of distantly related too). I am still opposed to the idea of a woman succumbing to a rich man's pleasure and being dominated and, effectively, used as a sex doll. However apparently the high street and designers are also joining in the hype of the Best Seller series. Bongade / S&M inspired fashion is everywhere at the moment and will continue into A/W '12. Hints of lace and leather, corseted silhouettes and power platform heels show a link to a sexualized post '50 Shades' society. What I like however is how fashion has translated it into powerful dressing for the woman, espicially in the tie jewellery and sharp structured shapes. This suggests she is in control rather than a Christian Grey figure of money and authority. It isn't about dressing for a mans pleasure, it is instead about feeling sexy in yourself and in feeling confident and power you will inevitably appear sexy. Although some may find this intimidating (no doubt Mr Grey who likes clumsy, innocent Ana) I believe there is nothing more sexy than a confident, empowered woman. 
And in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt 'Well behaved women rarely make history' 


A Level Results Present

Last Thursday, I recieved my A Level results and an unconidtional offer from Goldsmiths in London! Although I am deferring because of my internship, I was still so happy and proud of myself. And apparently so was my Mumand Step Dad! They got me the most amazing gifts to congratulate me as you can see above.
Firstly a beautiful black peplum pencil skirt from River Island. She had to take it back this morning and change it for a smaller size (apparently I'm losing a lot of weight) but it is goregous and funnily enough I posted an identical skirt in my 'Posh Spice' entry on Polyvore, perhaps my Mum has been snooping on my blog (Hi Mum!)
Secondly a embellished skull top also from River Island. It is such a nice fit and looks great with turned up jeans and sandals.
And last, but by no means least, they got me a Vivienne Westwood cross body pouch!!! I was so shocked when I saw the Vivienne Westwood dust bag and evern more thrilled when I opened it. It is a perfect size for going out and as it is black, goes with absolutely everything! It's clear my Mother knows my sense of style perfectly!

How did everyone do on their results?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Come As You Are

A/W '12 Trend Update
Grunge Gallore this A/W on the High Street! Faux Leather, Studs, Crosses and Skulls are dominating many collections this season and it is heaven for me!
Think Kurt and Courtney circa 1990 mixed with refined silhouettes and platforms you need Marilyn Manson style crutches for!
You may have noticed that many pieces were on my Wish List and researching this post made me want pretty much everything featured on here.

At heart, I am a true nineties grunge girl and I absolutely love the raw unfinished look presented by this trend. Messy hair and heaps of eye kohl, rings and cuffs, leather and little lace dresses = perfection!
Take me back to the nineties!

Wish List #2


Jeffrey Campbell Studded Lita's- Office / Dip Hemmed Leopard Print Skirt- MissSelfridge / Black Dip Hemmed Skirt- New Look / Faux Leather Skater Skirt- Lavish  Alice / Cross Vest- Topshop / Acid Wash Skinny Jeans- Topshop / Disco Pants- American Apparel / Cross Jumper- MissGuided / Studded Belt- New Look / Black Lipstick- Barry M
When I first created this blog I planned to do a 'Weekly Wish List' post, however I managed the grand total of 1, so am hoping to pick that up again!
I'm really getting back into my alternative, grungey find of style as of late and I am absolutely loving studs and skulls and pleather, as you can probably see from my wish list!
I'm really hoping this month to save some money and purchase some items from my wish list!
I am also thinking of changing my bright red hair to a much dark black red or a dark chocolate brown, thoughts?

In other news, I got my A Level results yesterday and got an unconditional from Goldsmiths, my first choice! So incredibly happy! I even got a tweet from them! Although I am defering a year, its still a major acheivement :) Hope everyone who received their results yesterday are proud of themselves not matter what the result was!
Where is everyone planning to go to University?
Those who have already graduated or are currently studying, where did you go and what course would you recommend? 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Spice Up Your Life!

I logged on to polyvore yesterday and noticed the 'Which Spice Girl are you?' contest in the Ideas tab so thought I might as well have a go! I remember listening to my Spice Girl's tapes (thats right, tapes) on a little purple radio and watching 'Spice World' numerous times! I'll even admit that I had the 'Spice World' game for PlayStation! So it was safe to say I was a bit of a fan!
The contest was to create collages or looks for the members of the Spice Girls, and as I browesed already submitted ones, I decided to stick with their original styles but create them with up to date fashion. Some entries were more reflective of the member's styles now, but I liked the individuality and outrageousness of them in the 90s, so I stuck with that. Here are Baby, Posh, Scary and Ginger Spice's collages (My Sporty Spice one was just too awful!)

I've got to say, I absolutely adore the outfit for Posh, and I intend to recreate it, if I have the confidence to do so!
My favourite member was always Ginger Spice, and I've decided the next fancy dress party I go to, I will consider her as an option!

Which Spice Girl was your favourite?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Broadwalk Empire Series 2 DVD Launch Event

As I meantioned in my earlier post, I attended the 'Broadwalk Empire' Series 2 DVD Launch Event in Regents Street a few weeks ago. It was held in Tommy Guns Salon, which is a really cool Salon under on the ground floor of SuperDry. It was originally a Barber shop designed by Percy Westwood and Joseph Emberton it opened in 1929 and its been restored by Tommy Guns. Its a mix of original features such as the towel heater, with more modern decor so it was the perfect setting for this event! I, myself, had never heard of 'Broadwalk Empire' before I attended this, but you can find a quick synopsis here.

Anyway, the eveing consisted of champagne, cocktails and canapes, mini hair and makeup demos for the ladies and hair styles and wet shaves for the gentlemen, a small Blackjack tabel and then an amazing Burlesque performance by Gwendoline Lamour. Over all it was an amazing 20's themed evening in which I had a bit too much champagne but thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

The twenties theme however inspired me, along with the forthcoming Hollywood release of 'The Great Gatsby' (well, in December), to create a twenties style mood board. Enjoy!
I love the glamourous decadence of the period and embellishments and pearls. I really like the cuts of the dresses and if I had the figure and lifestyle (and budget) I would love to dress like this all the time.