Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Percy & Reed 'Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish'

Percy & Reed is a luxury hair salon near where I am interning. As well as hairdressing, the salon provide beauty treatments and have their own product range. You may have heard of them, when they were featured as the gift of April 2012 Glamour magazine, and if you haven't heard of them, you definitely should! Although the salon is quite expensive, the products are very reasonably priced. The manager was kind enough to give me this Finishing Polish. Perhaps he was trying to hint that my hair was an awful, frizzy mess, but nevertheless it was very kind and it is an amazing product!

It really takes away the frizz of my naturally curly hair, leaving it in lovely loose, yet defined curls. It smells devine and isn't greasy or runny. For only £4, I am definitely considering replacing it after this bottle runs out. I may treat myself a cut and blowdry there, either for my birthday (which is fast approaching!) or around the festive period! The atmosphere is really professional but still chilled and relaxing, and although it is quite expensive from the customers I have seen leave there, they really do work magic!

Another thing I love about Percy & Reed is the cute illustrations, both on their products and on the website. It is also used on their leaflets and as window cladding at the actual salon. T5he illustrations of women with long, flowing, glossy locks are super cute and make the high end salon have a creative and more persoal edge, one I feel that salons lack.

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