Wednesday, 30 May 2012

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I cannot believe its nearly June already! This year is goin really, really fast for me. May was pretty uneventful in many aspects, hence the lack of pictures here, hopefully June will make for a more interesting month. However I put these together as a overview of my May.
I went out with my friends a few times this month. In first picture we went out just for the sake of going out and it was the first time I had a bit of stomach on show! I was wearing a bandeau crop top and high waisted skirt so there was about an inch and a half of stomach on show but I was still so out of my comfort zone! The second photo was on my last day ever of college (eek!) so we went out to celebrate!
This month I also sorted out all my nail varnishes, as I'm trying to branch out and stop dressing in, and chosing red and black clothes/accessories/beauty products. However as you can see, I still have many many red nail varnishes!
Me and my boyfriend baby sat my brother and I spent almost the whole time enjoying his toys more than he did. Whoops. Speaking of my boyfriend, we celebrated 8 months of being together this month (n'awwww) so went to TGI Friday's in Leicester square, and had the nicest cocktails and food! It was awsome!
I also lost my Graze box virginity this month, and I loved it. Definitely going to be ordering more!

Overall, May was quite a quiet month, and I have all my exams in June so I'm not sure how much I'll be posting. Good luck to anyone else who have exams coming up!
Final note! I had my interview last friday, which fingers-crossed went well. I loved the atmosphere there so would LOVE to get the internship!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pain with Pleasure

I came across an article on Christian Louboutin on the Telegraph
website and I found it really interesting and his view was so
 honest and I totally agree with what he said. In the interview
he gave to Grazia magazine he said, ''I really have not so
much sympathy. If Tina Turner and Prince's back-up band can
perform on stage in them for three hours, you can't tell me they are
impossible to walk in. High heels are pleasure with pain. If you
can't walk in them, don't wear them.''

This is precisely why I do no wear heels! I can't walk in them, they
hurt me and instead of spending the night being in pain, or having
freezing, throbbing feet, I'd much rather wear a gorgeous pair of
flats! I can dance so much better in flats, enjoy my night and be

I have only adopted this way of thinking since being with my
 boyfriend, who is only a few inches taller than me. At first I
missed the way they made my legs look, the way it made me feel
dressy and ready to party. But the first time I went out with him and in
flats (red patent ballet shoes, in case you cared!) when it got to 1am
and I still had shoes on, and I wasn't falling over and I was dancing
crazily, I thought 'I could get used to this!' Therefore I am offically
converted to a flats lover and all my heels can sit in my room gathering

So I've collected a few flats that I own and love (all appart from one)
to try and convert more to wear flats out! At least then we might see
 fewer girls at 3am walking precariously barefoot on glass and sick in town


Interview Outfit Update

 I went to Oxford Street with my boyfriend on Sunday to look for some of the things on my wishlist and also for my interview outfit and bought these two items that I plan to bring to my interview, therefore an update of the Interview Outfit is necessary!
First of all, I bought the Embellished Collar Blouse from Miss Selfish, especially as I can use my Student Discount (not for much longer though, sob!). I prefer this shirt to the one I previously blogged about as the studs on that shirt, on closer inspection, weren't really matching my shoes and weren't smooth. Instead they were sort of spiraled? I still might wear this with the dipped hem skirt I have, although I also thought it would look quite nice with leather look leggings.
The bag is by Marc B in Topshop and I have lusted over it for a very long time and now I can finally justify buying it. My two favourite bags are so old (I've had one since 2006) that the handles are freying and they're torn, but I love them so much. However, I don't think it looks very professional going to an interview with a worn bag! So I bought this bag. Its a really nice size and the leather looks good quality. The only thing that worried my slightly was the gold detailing, such as the zips and logo, as I don't wear any gold. But I don't think it is too garish gold so I <3 it!


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dr Martens

Dr Martens

Since an early an age, I have always loved Dr Martens. This may have stemmed from having fairly 'alternative' parents who both wore Docs themselves. My mum had a fabulous pair of purple velvet ones, but unfortunately she's a size 7 and I'm only a 4, so no chance of a hand-me-down there!
Also my Dad's girlfriend at the time worked for the Dr Marten's shop that used to be in Covent Garden, so in a way a grew up in them.
I will always remember the first pair I chose myself; luminous lime green covered in daisies! God knows what I was thinking, but I loved them and they were the first of many!

At the moment, I only have one pair, black 14 hole black with red roses up the side. I adore them (no I've finally broken them in!) however I realised I need to wear them more!

Above are a selection of Docs that I either want to get or really like but wouldn't suit my style. The Cherry red pair on the left will be my next pair when I save enough. I don't mind paying over £100 for a good pair of boots as I know they'll last. In fact, they have a lifetime guarantee!

They even do swarovski crytal covered Dr Martens now, however they are really expensive. I might have to do a DIY version with cheaper diamontees!

Overall though, I think Dr Martens are a timeless fashion statement. From the Punks to the Hipsters, Grungers to Girly Girls, there are a pair for everyone. Especially since singers like Cher Lloyd and Jessie J have brought them to the publics attention, more so than ever Dr Martens are a fab way to toughen up any outfit and are so comfortable!

I <3 Dr Martens!

Job Interview

Job Interview

I had a job interview next week and I'm preparing my outfit for it now. 
You might recognise the shirt from my weekend wishlist post, and I plan to buy this later today or tomorrow.
I already have the skirt, shoes, lipstick, nail varnish, eyeliner and bracelet so thats the majority sorted. 
The claddagh ring at the bottom is beautiful! I had one for ages but it came off when I went bowling one day :( ! But found this on Amzon that has a deep red Amber stone, which is beautiful. May have to get that too!
I am really excited for the job interview, which I won't say what it is for, but it would be an amazing opportuinity, so fingers crossed!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Weekly Wish List #1

Weekly Wish List #1

I'm Jade BD, and this is my new blog, Lipstick&Lace!
I decided to start with my Dream Designer wish list as my first post. However how I'll share my more realistic Weekend Wish List so you can get a feel for my style and what I like.

1. Denim shirt with sheer sleeves- (£24.99). I love this new range for Missguided- Peace+Love. It mixes tough and girly really well and I love her sheer sleeves and back on this shirt.

2, Freia Clock Face Necklace- (£5.99). Another Missguiged piece here. As will be a common theme of my blog, as it is affordable and I always find something I like on their website. This is really cute and has a vinatge feel to it.

3. Pearl Collar Denim Shirt- (£24.99). Missguided again! This is more girly than the other demin shirt I want, with the pearl embelishment. I think it would look great with a high waister shirt, or open for a more casual look.

4. Jenine Suede Studded Platform Shoe Boots- (£50.00). Penultimate Missguided item! I've wanted these for such a long time, but they sell out of size 4 really quickly. Also, my boyfriend is not that much taller than me so I wouldn't get a chance to wear them very often.

5. Kiss Ever Easy False Eyelashes 03- Boots (£6.50). I have an allergy to latex, and suprisingly many false eyelashes contain rubber latex! So I've found that this make are made with a different matterial, therefore I can actually wear them! This is the longest, thickest style which I like as I have incredibly thin lashes and sometimes I like to have HUGE lashes.

6. MeMeMe Blush Box 4 Rouge- Superdrug (£8.50). I love how this echos the blushers from Benefit but at a fraction of the price. Although the picture is of 3 Coral, I prefer the 4 Rouge, which has a reddy pink tone which is amazing and its buildable so I can choose how dramamtic I want it.

7. Waterfall Skirt- (£27.99). I'm really into the dipped hem skirts that are on the high street at the moment. I have a black one already, but what I like about this is the sheer dipped hem that I think would make it a bit more glam to go out in, rather than the one I  have already, which is more casual.

8.Studded Collar Blouse- (£25.99). Final Missguided piece. As you can probably tell, I like shirts! Unlike most girls nowadays, I would wear a vest under this, as I hate bra's on show! I've done it once and felt so uncomfortable I chose to never do it again! I love the studs on the cuffs and collar, as they match my studded slippers from Missguided.

9. Steamy'Nail Lacquer- MAC (£9.00). I never ever have bare nails. I always have nail varnish on and occasionally I get Gels, but usually I go for darker shades, like black or deep red. However I am trying to broaden my horizons, and I love this bright pink!

10.  Caviar Manicure Set - Black Pearls- Ciate (£18.00). Since seening this in so many magazines, I'm really excited to try it. I prefer the black one as shown here.

11. ''Lickable' Lipstick- MAC (£13.50). The blue base of this bright pink lipstick is good for my pale skin, but I have red hair at the moment, so this will have to wait until I dye it a less vibrant shade so I don't clash too much! It also matches the nail lacquer.

I really hope I can afford to get some of this in the next week or so, as there is so many nice pieces on my list!

Dream Designer Items

Wish List

This is my first attempt at using Polyvore, so I decided to create my dream designer wish list. All these items I covert over and hope to one day invest in. 
1. An Agent Provocateur corset. I absolutely adore corsetry and lingerie. If it was socially acceptable to go out in only underwear I would. Despite me believing that underwear on show is usually awful, I agree with it if it looks classy. For example, a sheer black shirt and a bright pink bra to a club, in my eyes, is not classy (take note most of the girls who go to Watford!). However hints of underwear in luxe materials and lots of high quality lace (of course!) can transform an outfit.
2. A Vera Wang Mermaid Wedding Dress. If I ever get married, I would love to get married in Vera Wang, especially this mermaid style, as I love the contrast of the figure-hugging body and the tulle skirt. I probably will not be able to afford one on my actual wedding day, however I will seek out one as similar as I can to it!
 3. A pair of Louboutins. The flash of red sole. The shine of studs. These are my favourite design of Louboutins, and the    heel height isno't too high.
4. A Quilted Chanel bag. An absolute classic and must have for anyones waredrobe! 
I really liked used Polyvore and plan to use it far more often now!