Sunday, 12 January 2014


Hi All, 

Sorry for the lack of posting here on J'adore Jade as of late. 
I have been working on a new blog, a blog that fits to who I am now and where my life is.

I started J'adore Jade when I was 18, just leaving college and trying to figure out what I wanted to do in life, having decided not to go to university like the majority of my friends.

I'm now 20, and so much has changed in just two years. I feel the most myself now than I think I ever have. I've removed some negativity in my life that, on reflection, affected every single part of my life. 

I can now dress and express myself however I want. I am in the position in my career and my life that I want to be.

Because of this, J'adore Jade no longer really reflects my life or style. Reading back over some of these posts, I can see how I wasn't putting my creativity and passion into the writing. Probably because I was unhappy, or unsure of so many things.

However, since working on my new site and focusing on things that I really love, putting a lot of time into researching, editing, and, most importantly, writing each post, I realised how much I love blogging.

Through this blog, I have been invited to some amazing events, sent some lovely items (that I am so grateful for) and met some wonderful people, especially Millie from She Hearts The High Street.

Thank you all so much for following or reading my blog.
I really am so thankful that people actually read what I have to write!

If you'd like to follow me on to my next chapter, my new site is:

I hope you have enjoyed J'adore J'ade, and look forward to hopefully taking you with me to Nouvelle Noire!