Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wednesday Wish List

Hello All,

Long time no posting I know. I have been so busy with work at London & Paris fashion week (I'll be posting my Paris Fashion Week/ trip post soon so watch this space!)

This month things should calm down more so I'm hoping to post more regularly and launch my new monthly feature, which I'm very excited for!

October also sees two of my favoutire things; my Birthday & Halloween! I'll be 20 soon, which is kind of scary as it feel like I have to actually grow up & be an adult! As my birthday falls so close to Halloween, it's always been my favourite holiday, so expect to see some Halloween inspired make-up, outfit & event ideas.

But for today's post, I thought I would do a 'Wednesday Wish List' as it's my birthday coming up!
  Clockwise from top left: Black Skort- Amazon | Tartan Dress - Primark | Feline top - eBay | 'Nouveau Grunge' - Zara | Monochrome 'Smile' tote bag - eBay | White Dr. Marten's - Dr. Martens | White Skort - Amazon

 So, as usual, it's very monochrome heavy! I tried on a skort in Zara in Paris (I'm not going to stop talking about Paris for at least a month so sorry in advance!) & they are so flattering, so black & white made it onto my wish list. 
This tartan dress I first saw on Millie of She Hearts The High Street in this post. I love red tartan, and this peter pan collar and black bow combined with the flattering shape really appealed to me. Funnily enough, it also appealed to my Nan, who dresses really well! Watch out for a cute Nan & Granddaughter matching dress shot soon ;)
Next, two slogan tops. I really like white tops, with black & white imagery/ slogans on them as they can be easily dressed up or down. The 'Feline' one is perfect for a cat lover & a nice play on the very popular on the bloggersphere 'Celine' top. Similarly, the 'Nouveau Grunge' tee is really nice. I don't usually wear white t-shirts, I don't know why. I think they make me look somewhat un-feminine. However having tried this on (again in le gay paris) it is actually a really nice cut and fabric, meaning it hangs nicely. 
Another 'Celine' inspired item here. Although I do love my Mulberry bag, this monochrome tote bag caught my eye on eBay. They also do a monochrome skull embossed one, but perhaps I should leave my goth girl at home sometimes!
Last, but by no means least, my number one item on my birthday wish list is a pair of matte white Dr. Marten shoes. I have really disproportionate-to-my-height small feet, a size 4 and I'm 5 foot 6, which is equally good & bad in ways. Bad, because I believe it's the reason I am so clumsy. But good, because it means I can get away with big clumpy shoes yet my dainty little feet don't look monstrously big! I already have a few pairs of Doc's, but these white pair look so cool, I hope I can pull them off!

These are all my realistic birthday wish list items, of course on my 'dream' birthday wish list there is a lot of McQueen. A girl can dream eh? I've been really lusting after a McQueen skull scarf for a while now, maybe one day I'll save up and treat myself. I also really like the enamel skull bangle from McQueen too, but both items are very expensive for a scarf & a bracelet, I can't justify it at the moment.

As promised, I really will try and post more regularly! Hope you all have a fabulous week...

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