Saturday, 26 October 2013

Halloween Series #5: The Halloween Tag

Hello All, 

Less than a week to go until Halloween now, & I can't wait!
I saw 'The Halloween Tag' on Ali's, from Zombie's Wear Eyeliner, blog & couldn't not do it too!

What is your favourite Halloween movie?
This is hard, because horror films are pretty much the only genre of film I watch! I really love 'The Craft', all year round, but especially towards Halloween. I also love Tim Burton's films, from the animated'The Nightmare Before Christmas' & 'Corpse Bride', to spooky 'Sweeny Todd' & 'Sleepy Hollow', I think Tim Burton is amazing, so my collection of his films often make an appearance in October!
1-10 How much do you enjoy Halloween?
100! Seeing as my birthday is so close to Halloween, I've always felt an affinity to the holiday. I love the dressing up, the decor & the excitement it brings. Because of my birthday, I get presents too, so it really is on par, if not better, than Christmas for me!
What is your fondest Halloween memory?
For my 18th Birthday, my friends & I went to The London Dungeons, to the late night, Halloween special. We all dressed up, & I was so happy they all put in so much effort! It was a really fun evening as, I love the dungeon's anyway, I was excited to be turning 18 & because it was around Halloween, it felt even more spooky!

Have you always been a Halloween lover?
As mentioned earlier, due to my birthday, I have always loved Halloween! Almost every birthday party I've had has been Halloween dress up & I love the atmosphere it brings.
How do you get into the Halloween spirit?
This year, Pinterest has really helped! It's got me so excited & given me some great ideas.But usually, digging out my fake blood & experimenting with Halloween makeup, or watching the aforementioned Halloweeny films helps too. I also really like Halloween sound tracks, like the stereotypical creepy music, full of wolf howls, creaking doors, witch cackles, screams etc!

Favourite Halloween decorations?
Carving pumpkins is always fun! For my Halloween birthday parties, we used to go all out, with fake cobwebs, bunting & such, & once I move into my own place, I'll be making this happen again!
Favourite Halloween/fall scent?
The smell of fresh pumpkin is nice, & even though it isn't necessarily Halloweeny, I love the smell of fireworks & bonfires which all occur around Halloween too.
Favourite candy?
  I love the Halloween versions brands bring out, like when they replace ingredients with jam or add green food colouring to represent blood or gunge respectively. I also love the white chocolate pic'n'mix skulls 

Vampires or zombies?
Ohh that's so hard! Well, I would rather BE a Vampire, because I think they are so sexy. But I love Zombie films, & constantly plan my 'Zombie Apocalypse Survival Strategy' & I'm going as a Zombie Nurse to one of my Halloween celebrations. So I'm going to have to say it's a tie!
What is your weird/odd fear?
I don't really like certain masks, I think it's the obscuring of the face that creeps me out. I used to be really afraid of them, but I'm not as bad now. Still wouldn't go out of my way to be surrounded by masked people!
Last but not least: do you believe in ghosts?
Yes I do.  Not in the way that the media portrays them, but I do believe in ghosts. I dislike shows like 'Most Haunted' are so obviously fake, but there are too many inexplicable things to rule out ghosts. My old house, I believe, was haunted & many of my friends felt the 'presence' of it too. It was friendly though, it never disturbed us in a negative way.

I really hope you enjoyed my Halloween Tag as much as I enjoyed answering it!
I'd like to tag Shelley, from The Shelley Diaries,  Millie, from She Hearts The High Street, & Claire from Divine Obscurity & anyone else who wants to do it! Please leave me a link to your Halloween Tag in the comments, as I'd love to read them!


  1. Ah the London Dungeons must be amazing around Halloween! So jealous you have your birthday around Halloween, it must make everything so much more special! Thank you for linking your tag, I really enjoyed reading it! :D xxx

  2. Thank you for tagging me, I really enjoyed reading your answers! I would love to go to The London Dungeons for Halloween!