Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Halloween Series #4: Halloween Nails - Terrifying Talons

Hello All,

Having been in Bristol this weekend to visit my best friend, I didn't have a chance to write & schedule any posts!

As it gets closer to Halloween, my excitement it only growing! With 3 Halloween party / events to go to this year, & hope to wear a different costume to each.

My last Halloween Series Post, which you can read here, was fashion based, so this time I thought I would do a beauty focus Halloween post. Being fairly new to Pinterest (missjadebd) I found myself, borderline obsessively, looking at Halloween nail art. Here are some of my absolute favourites from Pinterest.

Now, although some of them look really difficult to achieve, there are so many great nail art tools & accessories out now & very affordable too! I've put together a few tools & items that I think are great for a Halloween nail art kit!

I can't wait to get my hands on the Topshop Nail Art Brush Kit, for only £10 it has 6 different tools, from a dotting tool to several alternative nibs of varying thickness & shape. I'm sure with this kit, any nail art is achievable, even for those lacking in creativity or steadiness!
I also really like the BarryM nail art pens, perfect for accurate & small details, like stripes or dot patterns. I can imagine the white pen would help create a spider web on the nails amazingly!
I've already raved about the Nails Inc. leather and skull effect kit here, & while I would wear it all year round, it's also a great was to incorporate Halloween onto your nails if you aren't a skull fan like myself.
A corrector pen is also essential. This means you can be as messy as you want, but still have fabulously frightening nails at the end!

In terms of essential Halloween nail colours, I think dark colours are obvious, especially deep purples, greens & navy. Of course black, white & red are great. Glitter top coats can add gothic glamour. Lime greens or florescent orange are options too for slimey look or pumpkin nails respectively!
One collection that really caught my eye was the Illamasqua UV nail polish collection. If you're planning to celebrate Halloween in a club, then these are perfect! With 3 great shades & a top coat, all full sized, this set is a really good price.

Tonight I'm going to be trying out some of these, so I will show my results on here!

I hope you're still enjoying my Halloween Series, & I'd love to hear anything you'd like me to cover!
 Also, what're you doing to celebrate Halloween?

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