Thursday, 17 October 2013

Halloween Series #3: High Street Halloween Must-Haves!

Hello All.

Another day closer to Halloween festivities!
I honestly have been so enthusiastic about these posts, I wish it was Halloween permanently as I'd definitely begun feeling less inclined or excited to blog lately. However, starting my Halloween series has really awoken my love of blogging!

Although AW13 trends are largely focused on vampy looks (dark lipsticks, leather, lace, velvet etc a.k.a my style exactly), I've noticed that a lot of high street shops have dedicated sections, both online & in-store, to Halloween inspired pieces. Now some of this is just to re-promote the Autumn / Winter items, such as the aforementioned leather, velvet & lace. But most have specially themed Halloween items featuring 'typical' scary motifs, like bats, black cats or ghosts. 

I've rounded up my 'High Street Halloween Must-Haves' from Topshop, New Look, ASOS & Miss Guided. All have a mix of vampy style pieces, spooky beauty bits & seriously cool jewelry!

 MissGuided - Creep It Real
 New Look - Halloween
Topshop - Ghoul Girls

The first thing I love about these Halloween collections are their names! Ghoul Girls & Creep It Real  are brilliant names for the Halloween collections. The second thing I love, of course, is the beauty products on offer. This time last year, I was working with a big make up brand / company, & was exposed to some amazing makeup artistry especially around Halloween. I've been watching an unhealthy amount of YouTube tutorials so hope to look amazing this Halloween. But I am loving the creepy make up on offer this year. From intricate spooky scenes created on eyelashes to creepy nail transfers, you can literally take your Halloween look from face to, erm foot?

Although I really like everything in my Must Have list, a few pieces really stand out.
My ASOS highlights are the Wednesday Adams inspired monochrome dress & the 'Trick or Treat' top that definitely evokes the much loved 'Celine' tees. Highly commended are the tights with glow in the dark knee skulls!
From Miss Guided I really the skeleton-hands-on-the-boobs crop top, cheeky yet creepy & the skeleton body is great too.
New Look for me triumphed with Halloween accessories for me. J'adore the Halloween cupcake kit (how cute?!) Plus the nail transfers and eyeliner stick ons are fun too!
From Topshop I love the stick on eyeliner, which I would pair with matte black lips and deathly pale skin (so my natural skin shade really...), & also the bat print. I included the asymmetric skirt, but this print is repeated through the collection on jeans, leggings etc. 

It seems this year Halloween is so much more exciting for me, which is saying something as I've always been excited for Halloween. I'm not sure what's different, but I am so excited this year

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