Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Series #6: Halloween Costumes- Sexy or Scary?

Hello All, 

I've written about my peeve with girls using Halloween as an excuse to dress like sluts. The below Mean Girls gif really sums it up, & lets face it, Mean Girls quotes are always relevant

Recently, there was a Halloween fancy dress party. Now, I have to admit, some people did try & be scary with face paint, fake blood & fairly spooky costumes (mainly the boys though honestly).
 But others just dressed up in any old costume, from Minnie Mouse to just plain revealing outfits with no direct origin of who or what they were supposed to me. I just don't get why Halloween is an excuse to get your boobs, bum, or both out. Halloween is about scariness, & while some of those over exposing themselves was a scary sight (sorry for being bitchy!), they are missing the true spirit of Halloween, in a bid for attention.

Then, when looking for Halloween costumes for women online, so many of them are revealing, derogatory &, quite frankly, totally irrelevant to Halloween. Here are a selection of ones that insulted me.

All costumes found on party delights

So...where shall I start? I find the most offensive one the 'Sexy Teen Bride' (I will be referring the the costumes as they are described on the site, just fyi) Not only does it not mention that it is a corpse / dead bride, which would tie it into Halloween, it refers to her as a 'teen' bride. Why does that matter?  Are teens sexier?
A close second come the animal costumes. Skin-tight leopard print catsuits that leave nothing to the imagination, or adding a tail / ears combo to change a normal tight, revealing dress to turn it into a 'costume' have absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. Since when was a lace rabbit scary? Never. 
Next, the 'Sexy Mummy'. Yes, you read that correctly. That is what it's listed as. Egyptian Mummy's are anything but sexy. Firstly, they are dead, thus will smell pretty bad. Secondly, their brains have been removed from their skull via their nose, which is both pretty disgusting, but also means they are brainless. Nice. Now, playing the 'Mummy' game at a Halloween party is fun, there is no doubt about that! (If you have never played it, you definitely should!) But trying to make being wrapped in toilet paper sexy, don't bother!
Finally, the miscellaneous other insulting costumes available including but not limited to the totally pointless red catsuit, the 'Sexy Steam Punk' & the 'Psychedelic Zombie'. Honestly, what?

Now I'm not saying you can't be a bit sexy on Halloween (or any time for that matter!) But at least make it relevant! For example this is my costume:
A Zombie Nurse. Yes the nurse bit is a bit 'sexy', but the make up & fake cuts I'll be doing, plus the Victory Rolls hair style & the fact I won't be flaunting myself around, means that, at least to me, I won't look too 'trying to be sexy' in it!

One last note, I had a moral dilemma when I came across the below:
 Costumes found of party delight

Making Fairytale / Classic Story characters Halloween-ified. Is this allowed? And moreover, is it done well here? I am inclined to say yes. None of them are too 'sexy' & I quite like the idea of a spooky remake of your favourite classic fairytale!

What do you think about sexy costumes for Halloween?

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  1. I love scary Disney characters for halloween! I know exactly what you mean, I went out drinking for halloween and must of seen 10x pairs of boobs and bums! I mean I had a low cut dress on but I tried my hardest to be witch as it is meant to be a 'spooky' costume... Great post!