Thursday, 10 October 2013

WANDERLUST - Weekend in Paris

Hello All, 

I'm trying to section & define parts of my blog now, & want to expand from just a fashion/ beauty blog to share more of my interests. Recently, I posted about art, which I will continue to do. But this time, it's about a weekend trip I took. Hopefully the first of many 'Wanderlust' post! Let me know if you enjoy it...

As you may have gathered, I recently went to Paris for the first time as an adult. I’d been when I was 11, seen the Eiffel Tower & gone to Disneyland. But few week ago I got to go there again for work at Paris Fashion Week. I felt very ‘Devil Wears Prada’, determined not to end the trip like Andy Sachs does in the book; by screaming ‘Fuck you’ at a colleague. I knew it’d be mostly work & maybe not that much enjoying Paris, but I knew how big this experience was for me personally & professionally. I’d been wanting to go to Paris for a really, really long time but never managed to before.
Although I was only going for 3 days, working for 2 of them & was only taking a very small suitcase, I managed to take a lot of clothes (most of which, admittedly, I didn’t wear) so packing was a bit of an issue!

Work went amazingly well, & it was so lovely to see your hard work resulting in such greatness (I’m usually modest but I was incredibly proud to be part of this) so I had all day Sunday to enjoy the sights of Paris, albeit while lugging my suitcase, laptop & basically life around with me!
I’d first seen the Eiffel Tower on Saturday night, all light up and appearing, seemingly, out of no where. I honestly was in a stunned silence as it was so beautiful. So the first thing I wanted to do was see it in day light. I found the Metro system really easy to navigate, and wandering around le gay Paris was just lovely. Only having a day meant I didn’t have time to queue & go up the Eiffel Tower but seeing it was enough for me!

Next stop was , which was so weird seeing in person as I’d studied the relief sculptures on the front in History of Art. Being on  my own meant I had no one to take pictures of me with the Eiffel Tower, but I just asked someone to take on of me and the L'arc de Triomphe because it’s silly being so shy & missing out.

I had planned to do Louvre & Notre Dame in quick succession, envisioning not going into the Louvre just seeing the outside. That didn’t happen, as the arty goodness drew me in. I’ll do Notre Dame next time (I started planning my next visit on the Eurostar home!). The Louvre was great, seeing paintings & sculptures I’d learnt about in books in person. I did go into history of art mode quite a bit, which must have been quite annoying for me museum buddy, but I was giddy with happiness so I didn’t really care!

Too distracted by art, I then had to rush to Gard D’ Nord for my train back to boring London. I had beautiful weather whilst in Paris, as you can see from the picture, it was nice enough to not wear tights with my play suit (I kept it monochrome, as usual, but where more fitting than Paris, eh?). On the train home, it started to rain though, pathetic fallacy much?

I genuinely felt like I’d found my spiritual home in Paris, I had the most fantastic weekend in my life thus far. I definitely plan to go back for longer, & not to work!   

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