Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Film Fashion Inspiration: Vamps

Hello all

I've always been an early bird. As soon as there is light in my room, I wake up. Unfortunately, my boyfriend loves sleeping in. This means I usually have a few hours to kill on a Saturday and Sunday morning. Sometimes I blog, but more often then not I watch a film. This Saturday just gone I discovered the film 'Vamps', directed by Amy Heckerling & starring Alicia Silverstone & Krysten Ritter
Amy Heckerling also directed iconic film 'Clueless' which also starred Alicia Silverstone & 'Vamps' certainly lived up to my expectations of a funny chick flick with amazing styling! 
I love the idea of vampires, I've watched a lot of vampire films & TV series & have read several vampire books/ series. So this modern take on female vampires really interested me. The description stated it was 'Stakes & The City', & in some ways I agree. 
I won't be doing a movie review, although I do encourage you to watch this film as I thought it was brilliant. I will be focusing on the styling of Goody (Alicia Silverstone) & Stacy (Krysten Ritter). Both are amazing, funny actresses, but the styling & costumes, by Mona May (who, again, also did the costumes of 'Clueless') is amazing.


First off, Goody. Goody became a vampire in the 1800s and evidence from her lengthy after-life is obvious in her costuming. Combining elements of several different decades, the style Mona created for her is beautiful. I would say it is very romantic gothic & classic and I really like it.
In contrast, Stacy is more of a 'traditional' vampire in her styling. Her style is sexy, lots of black and more modern than Goody. Stacy was 'turned' in the eighties, but her style is very fashion forward.
Together, the two main characters aesthetically look incredible next to each other and compliment each others styling, while still having strong individual style.
 Below I have styles a day and a night outfit for Goody and Stacy:
 All MissSelfridge
All New Look except clutch bag (Topshop) and studded heels (Dr Martens)

I think MissSelfridge epitomizes Goody's vintage style, one that I like myself. However I loved styling Stacy's look. I recently saw these super high (can I say stripper?) heels in New Look and while they are incredibly impractical, for a film costume and dramatic look I think they would really work! Also, the studded, cut-out Dr Martens are beautiful. Overall, I think I like Stacy's style more, but can appreciate the delicacy of Goody's style too!

I hope you enjoyed my first 'Film Fashion Inspiration', I'm hoping to make it a regular feature!


  1. Very cool! I'd love to see more Film Fashion Inspirations. :)

    1. I plan to make it a weekly or bi-weekly feature!

      Glad you liked it & definitely see the film if you haven't xx

  2. I love those outfits, it looks like I need to head to Miss Selfridge and New Look!


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