Monday, 12 August 2013

Manicure Monday: Chanel Dragon

Hello all

This week I decided to stay with red nails as I loved my Essie 'Rock the Croc' manicure from Adamina Spa, that you can read about here. I've had Chanel's 'Dragon' polish for about 2 years, and due to its high price tag, I use it pretty sparingly. However, I decided this week to use it! 

A few weeks ago I also had a Chanel manicure, which you can read about here (this was for work, I don't tend to get manicures often. In fact, before the Adamina Spa manicure I hadn't paid for a manicure before!) At this manicure, I was kindly given a gift bag that included a Chanel base coat & high shine top coat. So as I was using Chanel colour, I thought I would try out a complete Chanel manicure!
L-R Chanel Base Coat, Dragon, Extreme Shine Top Coat

I am usually a fan of drug store nail polishes, especially Barry M & I've never had the urge to spend more than £10 on nail polish. I will say that the colour is very pigmented, and the polish is very thick; you could probably get away with only one coat as it's that thick and pigmented. However, it's still a lot for a nail polish. The base coat is nice, I generally use the Barry M 'Top coat, base coat and nail hardener' & I have to say this Chanel one was probably better as it was thicker & easier to apply. Similarly, the Chanel top coat is, as it states, extremely high shine & makes the polish look thick & almost gel like. 
It's very easy to achieve a professional looking manicure with the Chanel polishes, & I'm really happy with the results. Hopefully they last a long time without chipping. 

I was feeling in a very 'Chanel' mood after this, so had a look for a Chanel inspired iPhone case as I still haven't bought a case for my phone (as you've probably read, I recently got an iPhone 4S which I love) and came across this amazing one on Amazon
Although I've never tried the shade 'Fire', this case is so fabulous. I've very tempted to get it, as it's very cheap & very me!

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