Sunday, 4 August 2013

J'adore...Vivienne Westwood Shoes

Hello all

I've been doing a lot of online 'window' shopping lately, and making an incredibly early birthday wishlist. I somehow ended up on the Vivienne Westwood website and had a look at the shoes section and oh my! I fell in love with so many of the styles on offer.
I was already aware of the beauty of Vivienne Westwood shoes. I believe they are a collaboration with Mel, who designs the rubber, scented shoes. The Vivienne Westwood shoes are rubber, sweet scented and have a padded section where the ball of the foot is, making them fabulous and, fairly, comfortable.
There were three styles of shoe that I liked, and three colours of each that I liked, totaling 9 Vivienne Westwood shoes on my wishlist. Oops! Of course I won't ever get them all but they are very much in my imaginary walk-in wardrobe!

 The 'Divided Ballerina'
 The 'Elevated with Bows'
The 'Lady Danger'

Very much in my colour scheme and very much my style, these shoes are so lovely.
My favourite 3 (one of each) are:
-Nude 'Divided Ballerina' because the Vivienne Westwood orb logo is in a lovely rose gold, a bit subtler than gold.
-Red 'Elevated with Bows' because I do love a pair of red heels to make a statement and the bows look the most 'solid' in this colour.
-Black 'Lady Danger' because the combination of red on black looks great!

Overall, if I had to choose just on, it would have to be the black 'Lady Danger's as I adore wearing red lipstick, as you can see from my instagram and my signing off logo on here, so the red lips are so 'me'!

Let the saving towards these and the blatant  hinting nearer my birthday commence!

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