Friday, 23 August 2013

Bleeding Double C, Ripped Denim & Studs

Hello all

Today's post will be my first post dedicated wholly to an outfit. That's right, my very first OOTD!
Until now, any outfit related posts had been of outfits organised, hopefully artistically, on my bed, or pictures from an event that I wore that outfit too. Thus far, I haven't been confident enough to pose for a 'proper' ootd, & today is no different. Although I am pictured in the clothes, I have again artistically, with the help of Instagram, created a collage of elements of my outfit. If you follow me on Instagram (jadorejadex) you will have seen this on Wednesday. You cannot see my face, but you can see my outfit. It's a start!

Bleeding Double C logo vest- Camden Market | Ripped Jeans- Topshop (old) | Studded pumps- New Look

 This is quite a simple outfit with not many elements to, however I loved it. Since buying the Chanel inspired vest in Camden market, along with one with an illustrated Chanel perfume bottle, I had paired it with fairly classy pieces, such as blazers, skirts, overall giving it quite an elegant & tailored look. However this week I was in a 'grungy' mood so thought I would mix this vest with some severely ripped jeans and studded pumps. I'm not very good at casual wear on the whole, so trying to be more relaxed was hard, but it most definitely paid off. I loved this outfit! I felt so good in it, hence why I decided to photograph it and create an ootd post! Also, the bleeding effect of the C's, I feel leans it more towards edgy fashion so I feel this outfit worked.
The jeans are so old, in fact I got them on my sixteenth birthday (I'm twenty this year!). Yet they're back in fashion and they still fit so why not! I am a hoarder of clothes. I find it so hard to throw away items, even if they are years old.

This has definitely encouraged me to not be afraid of being more casual & also that doing OOTD's doesn't mean standing against a wall & posing generically. I really liked focusing on elements of the outfit & not showing my face as well as whole body!


  1. Amazing outfit!
    I want those jeaaaans! :)

    1. Thank you! I had a look on the Topshop website for similar but they don't do jeans with as many rips any more :(

      love your blog by the way, I'm following on bloglovin xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :) When are you coming to sunny England?x