Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Film Fashion Inspiration: Clueless

Hello all

Welcome to the second 'Film Fashion Inspiration'. For this feature I thought I would connect it to my previous post on Vamps, which you can read here, and feature another film directed by Amy Heckerling, with costuming again by Mona May. This week, nineties iconic film 'Clueless' is my source of 'Film Fashion Inspiration'.
 My Mum introduced me to this film when I was quite young & I have ever since wanted Cher's, played by Alicia Silverstone, interactive wardrobe! The costuming, especially Cher's, is so iconic & a continual inspiration for designers and fashionistas alike. I particularly love the tartan accents, which is going to be huge this AW, backing up my previous point about 'Clueless' being a source of inspiration always & the fashion being relevant, & also ahead of it's time. 
I feel that Cher nails how to channel grunge in a classy way! Her wealth & status is made obvious in her fashion choices, yet it is always fashion forward & often daring, or incredibly unique. She takes the edginess of grunge, yet puts a high fashion twist on it.
Below I have created some 'Clueless' inspired outfits, I hope you enjoy!
left look: knee high socks-Topshop | tartan dress with built in top- Miss Selfridge | Mary Jane shoes- New Look
right look: white shirt-Topshop | black mesh skirt- Topshop | tartan crop top- Miss Selfridge

 left to right: sheer black peplum shirt- Miss Selfridge | grey tartan skirt- Miss Selfridge | cross necklace - Topshop | white vest - Topshop

Although I do love a bit of tartan, to channel my inner punk / grunge kid, I prefer the more grunge Cher as seen in the bottom collage. This is definitely something that I would wear, in fact I am tempted to buy the sheer shirt & I think the grey, black & white tartan is a nice way to incorporate the trend if the red, green and yellow 'traditional' tartan is too garish for you.
As I mentioned, tartan is going to be huge over the next few months. We are in that awkward, transitional period in shops at the moment. It's still SS13 (for a little bit at least!), yet stores are beginning to put AW13 stock online & on the shop floors. I went into Dorothy Perkins recently, a shop that admittedly I had never really paid too much attention too, feeling that it was the mothers equivalent to Topshop. However , I could have spent a fortune in there! I think I liked almost every item of the new collection. With tartan, studs and leather accents, it was definitely my style! Similarly, all high street shops are embracing AW13, so expect to see tartan aplenty! I know I will certainly be investing in some tartan soon!

I hope you liked this edition of 'Film Fashion Inspiration', let me know what films inspires your fashion choices, or any that you think I should check out!


  1. I can't believe I've never seen Clueless... massively want to see it now! Loving this post, Jade :) x

    Jodie Marie | à la Jode

    1. Oh my goodness! You must see it, fun chick-flick story line & the fashion is fabulous.

      Thank you :) xx

  2. I was watching Clueless yesterday, It's such a good film!


    The Shelley Diaries

  3. On channel 5? So was it! That's what inspired me to do this late last night :) xx