Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tales Of A Pale Face Beauty Swap with The Shelley Diaries!

Hello all!

How gorgeous is the weather?! I hope you're all enjoying it sensibly by frequenting a beer garden slathered in a high SPF!

Last month, Kat from Tales Of A Pale Face contacted me to tell me who I have been paired up with for her Beauty Swap. This is how I met the lovely Shelley, of The Shelley Diaries. After getting to know each other via a bit of blog stalking and emailing, we discovered we had quite a bit in common- from music to makeup, so this swap was even more exciting! With Dita Von Teese featuring as both of our beauty icon's, we both set out to create the perfect beauty swap products, with an agreed budget of £20.

On Wednesday, I awoke to an exciting package; my beauty box from Shelley!
The box was so 'me'- monochrome! It very much reminded me of the Thomas Sabo jewellery packaging and I will definitely be putting it to use for storage and room decoration!
Inside was just as beautiful. Each item was wrapped with pink lace patterned tissue paper, with some pale pink role petals too. Amongst this was a lovely note from Shelley.

So I'm sure you all want to see the beautiful goodies Shelley picked for me....

Shelley obviously did her research as everything was utterly perfect! I had recently resolved to take better care of my hands, as apparently they show someones true age, and Shelley must have known this as she gave me a tube of Soap&Glory Hand Food, which hasn't left my handbag since and I use every time I wash my hands!
Next were two nail polishes. I had already mentioned to Shelley that I usually play it safe with my nails- you may have read my '5 Nail Shades Everyone Should Own' post and these are generally the shades I stick to- so Shelley chose a great deep red black by Maybelline and a black and silver glittered polish my Revlon- both colours I would definitely wear!
Sticking with Revlon- a brand I haven't used but have heard great things about, things that I can now agree and comment on having used these products- Shelley also sent me a rich deep red/currant lipstick that is so pigmented and looks great- stay tuned for swatches and possibly a FOTD with it!
On to the eyes! Shelley sent me 2 products that I believe are the only products you need. First off, liquid eyeliner. This Seventeen one has the type of nib that I always favour, a strong and short one. I really can't use thin, flexible nibs, so this one will ensure that I can get perfect winged eyeliner every time- thanks Shelley! Then to finish off, this Smokey Eyes palette by Collection is great to create different smokey eye looks. With ranges of blacks, greys, pinks and browns, you can create the perfect smokey eye from subtle brown toned for day time, to strong looks with the greys and blacks. It also has a range of slight shimmer and matte shades which is great for diversity!

Every single item is perfect and fit perfectly in not only my makeup collection as a whole, but also my everyday makeup bag too. Thank you so much Shelley!

You can see what I got Shelley here. Definitely have a look at her blog, with a song to accompany every post, and a range of beauty and fashion features (including my new favourite 'Shoesday') there is always something to read!

I would also like to thank Kat for pairing us, it was a truly great match!

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