Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Red Hot Summer: I dyed my hair red again!

Hello all!

I am so excited to share my new hair with you. Last Friday I finally decided to get my hair cut and coloured for summer & I went for red again. 
You may remember that last year I had really bright red hair for about 7 months
 This was at its brightest. Although I used to get it done about every 6 weeks at the salon, I topped up in between with semi permenent colours by Crazy Colour, most often the shade 'Fire' which was a lovely bright pink red. I really did love my red hair however after 2 summer holidays it was in awful condition. It had faded to an orangey colour and was as dry as straw! So then I decided to go to a very dark brown with still a hint of red. You can see my 'Autumn Hair Change' post here.
So since September, I had been dying my hair various shades of dark red/brown, both at home and at the salon when I had money. I most often went for shades that were called something like 'Black Cherry'. Although I did colour my hair at home, I know how bad it is for your hair.Home hair colourants aren't good for your hair, they are very drying and leave your hair in terrible condition. Unfortuntaley I wasn't in the position to get my hair dyed professionally regularly, but with the help of hair dresser friends, I was able to be hair model on several occasions.
 This is my most recent hair colour and the colour I went to the hair dressers with
You can still see the red tones to it, but it is definitely darker, plus I grew out my fringe and started wearing my hair in a centre parting.

However I really wanted a change. My Dad really takes pride in his hair, he has perfected the rockabilly quiff for some time now and seeks out really talented hair dressers who specialize in 'alternative' hair styles. He took me to his hairdressers in Uxbridge; Horsepower. Unlike many people, I really dislike going to big brand hairdressers. I find they often don't listen to what you want and the results are usually natural looking, which isn't the look I generally go for! So I was excited to try this independent hairdressers and barbers. Even more so when I went for a consultation with the owner, Adam, who was rocking a white and purple Mowhark inspired hair style and some awesome silver jewellery and was covered in tattoos. My Dad's hair always looks perfectly quiffed (also if you're reading this Dad, that will be the first and last time I ever admit that!) so I was more than willing to trust the team at Horsepower with my dramatic hair change and could tell that they would help me to reach the colour and style I wanted, as opposed to doing whatever they wanted!

Firstly, they took 2 strands of my hair to conduct a strand test which was really reassuring as it proved they wanted to achieve the best results for my satisfaction, rather than hoping for the best. As my hair was fairly dark, they wanted to test putting the red dye straight on one strand, and bleaching the other strand and seeing the difference in result. The bleached strand went a shade of ginger fading to blonde, which was actually really nice albeit not the desired result. Surprisingly, the unbleached strand picked up incredibly well, a really rich yet bright in the sunlight red. So the decision was made and last Friday I went in for my restyle!
The Final Result!

 On the left is the picture I first took straight after I left. I had a good 3 inches cut off and got a full fringe re-cut. My hair felt in such good condition and I loved the cut and colour! I've heard that you should leave your hair for 3 days after dying it so the colour can 'sit' so I did so and washed it on Tuesday morning. The picture on the right is after the first wash and I styled it to be curly. The colour did run but there wasn't much noticeable difference, although I have used an instagram filter just to enhance the colour. I can promise that in person it is as vibrant as this, just my room has awful light!

I am so happy that I have returned to being a red head. I will be doing some 'Red Hair Care Routine' posts plus a review and how-to with Crazy Colour and Directions semi-permanent colours to keep the red looking vibrant and shiny!

Thank you to the Horsepower team, and I will definitely be heading back there for root touch ups!


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