Monday, 1 July 2013


Hello all!
On Saturday I went to the #LDNBloggersParty at Dirty Martini in Hanover Square for my first event run by bloggers, for bloggers, and it was fabulous! With cocktails and fellow bloggers, it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Although most disliked that there was no mobile signal as the venue was a basement, I loved being able to shut off for a few hours and focus on what was happening at the party instead of furiously refreshing my twitter feed!
I met up with Georgina and Lorna at Oxford Circus and did the obligatory outfit pictures, before heading to the venue, which was just opposite Vogue House.
I met some lovely ladies, drank delicious drinks and left with a very generous goody bag. It was such a great event, much congratulations to Scarlett for organising such an amazing event.
All pictures are curtesy of Georgina, Scarlett & some of my own.

 I also met the absolutely lovely Arabella, who was amazing and has given me a huge bout of wardrobe and style envy! 
The goody bag was really generous, with a range of beauty products plus a can of diet coke and galaxy chocolate. Otherwise known as a beauty bloggers dream!

This 'Blogger' necklace is so cute, and the red with silver chain is perfect for my colour scheme! It was such a original gift.
I had some difficulty choosing what to wear to the event, as it was during the day and quite hot so I wanted to right balance of my own style and weather/event appropriate! So here was my OOTD:
Jacket (top) H&M (bottom) Miss Selfridge | Top- Camden Market | Skirt- Miss Selfridge | Shoes- New Look | Bag- Mulberry

So I had a little difficulty choosing a jacket so I bought 2! As you can see from my pictures with Georgina and Lorna, I started out with the black blazer, but thought that the white tuxedo jacket was a lot more summery so changed into that! I love the bleeding c vest, Chanel inspired but bought from Camden market and I think I wear it a bit too much!

All in all, the #LDNBloggersParty was a great Saturday afternoon, I met some great people who I hope to meet up with again soon and hope to attend many more events such as this!


  1. Brilliant post Jade, thanks so much for the lovely mention - and for coming along to the event! It's great to hear that you enjoyed it - hopefully I can organize another one soon and we will be able to have more of a chance to chat too!

    Scarlett x

    1. Thank you for such an amazing day! xx

  2. ahhaaa, you was like, which jacket is better, and i just loved the white one! :) gorgeous post, was lovely to meet you! :) xx

    1. You definitely chose well, the white blazer looked a lot better!

      I was so lovely to meet you xx