Monday, 8 July 2013

Manicure Monday: Newspaper Print Nails

Hello all

This weeks Manicure Monday was so fun to do and I have received so many compliments because of them. They definitely catch peoples attention, but are subtle enough not to take over an outfit.

This week I tried the 'Newspaper Print' nails I've seen on the blog and YouTube sphere. After first hearing you needed to use vodka or rubbing alcohol I was put off a bit (who wants to dip nails in vodka when you could drink it...). But then I discovered that you can use anti-bacterial gel, as it contains alcohol too. This was a lot easier as it was a thicker substance than liquid vodka and made less mess.

So here is how I created my newspaper print nails:
You will need: cut up strips of newspaper (text only) | anti-bacterial gel | base/top coat | a neutral or white nail polish

I used Barry M's 'Basecoat, Topcoat & Nail Hardener' and Gelly polish in 'Lychee'. This shade is a perfect 'greige' with a shiney, gel-like finish. Alone, it is a beautiful neutral shade, but it also worked amazingly for this as it is light enough for the text to come out on top.

Once you've painted your base colour, you have to wait until it is completely dry. In fact, I painted the base colour the evening before I wanted to do this so I was positive it wouldn't smudge. Then you pour a small amount of anti-bacterial gel onto a shiney/ wipe clear surface (I used a plate). Because it is anti-bacterial, be careful what you use as it could strip paint or damage surfaces. Working with individual nails at a time, dip the nail in the gel so it has a thick covering. Then press the newspaper onto the nails, with quite a bit of pressure and hold for 10 seconds. Peel off to reveal you're fabulous, literary nails! Apply a clear topcoat to seal the pattern, then repeat with your other nails.

So here is the finished manicure! I'm pretty impressed with my first attempt. The neutral colour pairing of greige and black meant that it will go with anything I wear, plus it does look very cool! As a writer, I feel this is the perfect manicure to me as it reflects my personality and love of words.

'Manicure Monday' is definitely encouraging me to be more creative with my nails, but also staying true to my own style and trying new things without going too far out of my comfort zone!

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