Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer Series: Festival Fashion

Hello all

Welcome to the second of my Summer Series posts. You can read the first installment on Barcelona Beach here.  This time I've created a festival look. Unfortunately this year I'm not going to the festival I wanted, which was Download back in June. However I have created an outfit that I would have worn there! Unlike other festivals like Glasto or V, Download is different music, from rock to metal and indie, so the fashion too is very different. You probably wouldn't see the fashion forward looks you my see at more mainstream festivals (no neon here!), but because of this, the fashion is very much 'me', channeling my gothy teenage self!

So here is my 'Festival Fashion' outfit:
Clockwise from top left: Backpack- River Island | Dress- H&M | Bandeau's- TopShop | Maybelline- Eye Studio Master Smokey in Black | Boots- JuJu @ New Look

I actually picked this 'Thorn of a Rose' dress in the H&M sale this weekend and I love it! It is so easy to throw on and paired with a smokey eye, it really gives the effortless rock chick look. The back of the dress, as you can see, is very open with twisted straps. I hate when bras are on show, I think it's so tacky, so these lace long-line bandeau's from Topshop look great underneath. I couldn't decide which colour, nude or a pop of red so included both!
For a festival, you probably won't want to take too much makeup with you, so this eye pencil with smudging tool on the end is perfect to create the messy smokey eye that's almost essential at a rock festival.
Festivals are notoriously muddy, so a pair of wellies or cheap boots are very much necessary. Although a great pair of Doc Martens would look amazing with this outfit, I have made this mistake before and they were utterly ruined. So opting for a cheaper pair of biker boots is a great alternative to still look rocky, but no ruining £70 worth of shoes!
Finally, a studded backpack is perfect to carry all your daily musts into the festival as it keeps your hands free to dance or mosh to music, but is big enough to keep a jacket for the evening and definitely some sun block!

I hope you are enjoying my Summer Series as much as I am enjoying making them. I am thinking of doing a separate makeup series on what to pack in terms of beauty and skin products for different locations, so let me know if this is something you would want to read!


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  1. I miss good old Download, I really need to go again, I haven't been since '09!

    I am loving your picks too, great idea with the topshop beadeaus I always avoid backless things because of the whole bra on show situation!

    Shelley xo