Thursday, 23 May 2013

J'adore... Cat Eye Sunnies

Before I got contact lenses, I was never really into sunglasses as a style statement or even a necessity. That was until I was 15 and was treated to some designer prescription sunglasses and I suddenly appreaciated how s good pair of sunnies can complete a look. Unfortunately, my prescription got worse so I only got about a year and a half out of that pair- although I still have them, so I am contemplating getting normal lenses put in them so I can still wear them.

However, although designer sunglasses are nice and are sometimes better quality than cheaper versions, they are incredibly expensive and especially living in England where we don't get the chance to wear them too often, the cost per wear of these high end sunnies don't seem worth it. Luckily, the great British High Street have some great pairs that look great at a fraction of the price!

I can never decide whether I have a square or heart-shaped face, but cat eye sunglasses, and normal glasses for that matter, seem to suit my bone structure really nicely. The upwards design kind of follows my cheek bones and I think they flatter me. I also love the vintage feel they have, and always reminds me of the fifties!

Here are my personal favourite cat eye sunglasses:
Clockwise from top left: New Look | BooHoo | River Island | Topshop | Chanel (a girl can dream) | Forever 21
So, as usual they stick to my prefered colour palette of black and white! But the River Island cream and leopard print did catch my eye! I fell in love with the Chanel pearl sunglasses recently, they looke a-maz-ing, but at over £400 I definitely couldn't justify them, however the BooHoo ones are a lot cheaper and are really lovely too. I do pearls! The Topshop glasses are more cat's ear that cat's eye but they are adorable and quirky so I had to include them.
Now I just need to book a nice holiday, or the weather in England needs to imporve so I can wear them!


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