Tuesday, 28 May 2013

5 Nail Shades Everyone Should Own!

Hello all!
I've really got an interest in nails at the moment. Browsing tumblr and instagram, I find such amazing nail art, from 3D bows to full on illustrations on your digits, nails are definitely a huge focus in beauty at the moment!
Although crazy nails are in, I think a simple coat of polish completes a look. As I have said before, unpainted nails, to me, make you look unkempt and like you haven't made an effort (a bit like when people put foundation and blusher on, but no mascara and eye make-up..why?!)
I like Chanel on Facebook, and they very recently posted about cult nail shade, and it get me thinking about 5 shades everyone should own. 
Like building a staple wardrobe, the following 5 shades should be in everyone's collection. Classic shades that will either blend into your outfit or give a classy pop of colour. I have also selected 3 brands for each shade: Save, Spend & Splurge.  

Shade 1-Taupe
 Barry M- Mushroom, Nails Inc.- Porchester Square, Chanel- Particuliere

Shade 2-Nude
Barry M- Pale Nude, Nails Inc.-Elizabeth Street, Chanel- Beige

Shade 3- Red
Barry M- Bright Red, Nails Inc- St. James, Chanel- Pirate

Shade 4- Dark Red
Barry M- Red Black, Nails Inc.- Victoria, Chanel- Rouge Noir

Shade 5- Black
Barry M- Black, Nails Inc.- Black Taxi, Chanel- Black Satin

Barry M is a fantastic 'drugstore' brand, which I found years ago when going through my goth stage (a stage that I often revert to!) with their bright and highly pigmented dazzle dusts. Their nails paints are great value at only £3 and have a huge range of colours, textures and 'effects' available. 
Nails Inc, are mid-priced professional quality nail polishes. I really like the shade names of the polishes that are named after streets and places in London. At around £11 a bottle it is more expensive than drugstore brands but is a higher quality and I think the bottles are more visually appealing too.
Chanel 'Le Vernis' nail colour are definitely splurge polishes. I have 2 Chanel polishes, and I have to admit they are nice quality. Thick but not stodgy colour with a really nice glossy finish. At £18 a bottle, they are very highly priced, but you're paying for the name. Plus the bottle looks nice amongst your collection.

As you can see all three brands have very similar colours at very different prices. You can easily build a classic nail polish collection, whatever your budget. From taupe and nude if you want your nails to go with anything, to bright red for a classic flash of colour, or dark red or black to release your inner rock chick but with a chic edge.



  1. i love red nailpolishes :) Are you French ?
    If you want, you can check my blog too : http://une-vie-de-fille.blogspot.fr/


    1. No I'm not, but I'd love to live in France!

      I will have a look at your blog now :) xx

  2. Ah I agree, these colours are so versatile, you could compliment any look with these basic shades! You should try Inglot nail polishes, they're probably my favourite in terms of quality and ease of use, and also come in so many colours!

    Kate x