Monday, 27 May 2013

Manicure Monday #1

Happy Monday all!
Happily enjoying the sunny Bank Holiday Monday on my balcony, so I thought I would start a new (hopefully) weekly post- Monday Mani! 
I always have nail polish on, and I've become quite good at giving myself a regular old manicure due to the years of practice. In fact, in secondary school I was constantly told to remove my nail polish and my form tutor even wrote in my year book: "Now you'll have to buy your own nail polish remover...". I just feel that un-manicured nails make an outfit look unfinished. It especially annoys me when fashion advertisements in magazines have unmanicured nails, even more so if there is a close up on the nails! Argh!
So enough of my moaning! Here is my Monday Mani #1:
 I have combined two nail trends in one manicure. I attempted the 'half moon' manicure, free hand, and on my left it worked rather well! The right however, not so neat, so enjoy my left hand! I also used neutral colours, which is another nail trend at the moment. I was gifted some lovely premium quality nail polishes from Only Fingers and Toes so I wanted to showcase these too. They are so pigmented and give a lovely glossy finish.
Shades 'Yummy Mocha' & 'Sheer Nude' by Only Fingers and Toes
(Please excuse the awful quality of the pictures. I'm counting down the days until I can upgrade my very old BlackBerry to join the iPhone bandwagon! Instagram here I come...)

I really liked this manicure, and it goes with almost everything due to the neutral colours. Next time I attempt the half moon manicure however I will get the stickers from a french manicure set to ensure I create a really sharp line between the colours. But for a first, and free hand, attempt I am quite happy with them, and the polishes are great too!

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