Friday, 10 May 2013

GlossyBox's 2nd Birthday Covent Garden Give-away!

GlossyBox is a really fantastic idea that I have been contemplating signing up to for quite a while now. I absolutely love cosmetics and beauty products, so discovering new products every month at such a good price is an amazing idea.
On Wednesday this week, GlossyBox celebrated turning 2 in a brilliant way- setting up a huge glossybox in Covent Garden, giving away Birthday Boxes, cupcakes and guest speakers including Made In Chelsea star and My Flash Trash jewelery designer Amber Artherton.

I really feel I have an incredible habit of being at the right place, at the right time! I work right on Covent Garden and happened to pop out to Starbucks right when the GlossyBox 'Big Birthday Box' opened. Wrestling my way through the crowd of women, and I say wrestling as it was quite violent!!- I managed to grab myself a box, a cupcake and the card of the PR women (this is to do with work so I won't say anymore)

Rushing back to work with glossybox and soy caramel latte in tow, I opened my box and found products I'd never heard of but were all my taste and colour preference. I especially appreciated the sleeping mask as I am very light sensitive, but find if I wear a sleeping mask I manage to get at least an hour more sleep.
Here is what I recieved in my Birthday GlossyBox:

This coincidental coffee run solidified my urge to sign up to Glossybox, so they definitely succeeded in the publicity to bring new customers- even if it only worked on me!

Although as of yet I have not done that much beauty on my blog, that is about to change. I always had a love affair with beauty and makeup. But until now I had kept it to myself, keeping it as my little hobby. Whereas I do love fashion, hence why I blog, beauty is just something that I always come back to, whether it be in my career or out shopping. So look out for a lot more beauty based features very soon!

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