Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Great Frog- Jewellery That Rocks!

Hello all!

Jewellery is a great way of personalizing an outfit, expressing your personality or making a simple outfit more dressed up. As with my usual colour scheme, my jewellery choices are often predictable. I own a fair amount of jewellery, often spending a fair bit for sterling silver, or silver plated jewellery as I hate the tacky green stain of cheap jewellery. I have swarovski, Vivienne Westwood and Thomas Sabo pieces for 'special occasions' but I have my 'statement' jewellery that I wear on a daily basis; my 'Jade' name necklace and my beautiful, chunky claddagh ring from The Great Frog.
I've worn a claddagh ring for a long time, largely due to my Irish heritage. The one I wore for the longest was bought for me by my Grandma, but unfortunately I lost it when throwing a bowling ball (something that would only happen to me!)  Then I came across 'The Great Frog', an amazing, unique jewellery design shop with stores in London, New York and Los Angeles. 
The London store, just off Carnaby Street, is a gothic haven. Dark and mysterious, the store is full of skull embellished, thick silver pieces that are all so beautiful. The decor is as amazing, with a real romantic goth, under ground rock bar feel to it.
I have a confession. My name is Jade and I am an inner rock chick. I love wearing black and you'll rarely see me without lashings of black eyeliner. The first cd I ever bought was Avril Lavigne and I will always chose studs over sequins. So finding this place was amazing!
You may have heard of 'The Great Frog' as it is where Deadmau5 designed Kat Von D's engagement ring. 

I hate the word 'alternative' when describing a fashion sense, but I'm failing to find a better adjective. The jewellery is so gothy, alternative, rock-chick, just plain beautiful. 
As well as tattooed beauty Kat Von D, other celebs and musicians such as Alice Dellal, James Heptfield and Slash also don their Great Frog statement jewellery. I believe they were also featured on a Vogue Italia cover.

I love most of the jewellery on the website, and try to pop into the shop whenever I am in the area. Unfortunately, as funds are limited lately, I haven't been able to add to my Great Frog collection. But my lust-list us huge! Although quite expensive, the jewellery is such good quality and so unique, I feel the craftsmanship (the jewellery is designed and made beneath the London store in the workshop) justifies and is reflected truthfully in the pricing. 
 As you can see, the jewellery is solid silver, with crosses, skulls, roses and heart detailing. There are also animals, eyes and other symbols used in the mainly silver jewellery. I really love how solid and not delicate they are. Although McQueen use skulls in their jewellery, the quality just isn't the same. I also love the finish of the jewellery, which isn't highly polished or shiny or smooth. You can see the chiseling and workmanship that has gone into designing it, which I think makes it more personal and fits with the feel of the shop. 

I cannot rave enough about The Great Frog enough! 
Have a look on their website or pop into their London store and release your inner rock chick!


  1. I absolutely adore their jewellery! Just too many pieces that I fell in love with and can't afford haha!

    Kate x

    1. I know! So unique and beautiful

      I will check your blog out :) x