Thursday, 14 February 2013

5 Ways to Wear...Boyfriend Jeans

Second '5 Ways to Wear' instalment! Today I chose to style Boyfriend Jeans. I'm religiously a skinny jeans girl, however I have seen loads of boyfriend jeans lately and they have really caught my eye. So here are my 5 boyfriend jeans outfits...

Boyfriend Jeans featured throughout: Topshop MOTO Vintage Lacey Rip Jeans  (£42)

 Nirvana T-Shirt - TruffleShuffle | Converse - Schuh | Leather Jacket - River Island | Sunglasses - New Look
 Jumper - MissSelfridge | Satchel - Shop Mozzy Pop | Shoe Boots - DaisyStreet | Necklace - RocknRose
 Top - BooHoo | Ballet Pumps - New Look | Necklace - Tatty Devine
 Blouse - Cameo Rose@New Look | Red Heels - Daisy Street | Blazer - Forever21 | Clutch- Forever21
Top - New Look | Shoe Boots - BooHoo | Jacket - MissGuided

Again, I chose to do a mix of casual and more dressy combinations.
First off, the slightly rock chick inspired outfit is something I would definitely wear. You can't beat a band tee and ripped jeans combo sometimes! Add converse and ray ban style sunnies and you will look effortlessly cool.
I feel you have to be careful with looser jeans, as if you wear loose on top too you can end up looking like a sack. Even though I did picked the pink jumper in one of the looks, it's slightly tailored and the heeled boots will make in feminine still.I love the bags on shopmozzypop, some of the designer inspired items are so beautiful!
The Nautical look is a theme that reocurrs almost every spring/summer! Not that I can complain as I do love a bit of red! Striped top and casual flats and you are set for a day on the pebbles (being in England, I won't even pretend I could have a sunny day on a sandy beach!)
Then we move to the 'dressy' outfits. The red heels with gold toes are stunning (although I could never handle those heels) I love this look as its masculine but still feminine, like boy-meets-girl. I'm not usually a gold girl, but lately I have been slightly more fond of gold.
Finally, I fell in love with the cigarette heeled boots and wanted to include them, so I paired them with this tailored contrast jacket.

Previously, I had always thought you had to be stick thin to get away with boyfriend jeans, kind of like Kate Moss. But doing this made me realise that they are very wearable and they are high on my wish list!

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