Thursday, 7 February 2013

5 Ways to Wear...Black Midi Dress

This is a new feature I've been planning for a while and have finally gotten around to posting! In between finishing one internship and starting my new one I haven't had much time to blog, (sorry!) but I think I've finally sorted myself out enough to post regularly, and hope that this '5 Ways to Wear' will be a weekly addition to my Blog, so here goes!

First '5 Ways to Wear' is a black Midi Dress from New Look (£12.99!)
 Dress- New Look / Boucle Jacket- Miss Selfridge/ Bag- Marc B / Pumps- Topshop

 Dress-New Look / Fur Coat- New Look / Bag- Asos / Shoes- MissSelfridge
 Dress- New Look / Camo Jacket- Topshop / Heeled Chelsea Boots- New Look / Backpack- BooHoo
Dress- New Look / Hat- Topshop / Denim Jacket- Asos / Creepers- New Look
Dress- New Look / Tuxedo Jacket- Miss Selfridge / Bag- BooHoo / Shoes- Topshop

I had such fun creating these 5 different looks with the one dress. I also went outside my comfort zone when choosing some of the pieces but I would definitely wear all of them! I would have to say though my favourite is the first one as I am a fan of classic style outfits & I recently bought the boucle jacket featured in it, however the Camo jacket has grown on me so may have to purchase one soon!

I love how, with one simple item, you can dress so for so many different occasions. The first could be worn to work,the second to dinner, third to a festival, the forth shopping and the final on a night out! The possibilities are endless...

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