Monday, 18 June 2012

Summer, summer, summer time!!

It is officially 21 days until I'll be gracing Kavos, Corfu with my presence, along with most of the female population of my college! I am really excited! To celebrate I went on a Summer Shopping Spree. Well hardly a spree as funds are tight at the moment to save for spending money, but either way, I started my summer wardrobe. The clothes are from New Look, and the sandals are Office. I also bought a Guns N Roses crop top and stripey crop top from H&M. At the beginning I was planning to buy brights and summery type clothes, but that is so not me, I decided to be true to myself and go for skulls and studs. Probably won't fit in but who cares!
I still have some bits I want to get before I go as you can see below:

I'm bringing 4 bikinis in total. They are all red, black or white so I will easily be able to mix and match! The floaty skirt will look fab at night and the heart top is made of tiny skulls \m/

I'm really excited for my holiday! Kind of secretly hoping my Mum goes on the BBC3 programme 'Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents'!!!

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