Friday, 1 June 2012

Glamour Magazine, Benefit gifts


July 2012 issue of Glamour had fabulous gifts with them so I had to buy two out of the three on offer! They had different covers for the different products so in my mind it was justifiable. I buy Glamour every month anyway, but only one copy! However, when I saw it had Benefit make up free I definitely didn't mind spending £4 on 2 samples. I picked 'The POREfessional' and 'That Gal' primer, the last option was 'BADgal mascara' which I already own.

'That Gal' primer is a product that I've been interested in for a while. Whenever I've had a make up lesson or had make up put on at a Benefit counter they have always used 'That Gal' and I thought it gave such a nice glow to my skin. I never bought it though as it is quite expensive, so this little sample is great for me to test it a few times and see if I can use it well enough before I buy it, or find one similar. The colour is like the Benefit 'High Beam' which I love, and it smells gorgeous!

'The POREfessional' is described in Glamour as 'a lightweight, silky-smooth pore minimiser'. I get quite visable pores on my nose and chin so thought I'd give this a try. I don't really like the texture as it's quite oily and I like more matte make up. It is faitly light though, which is good as I have very pale skin. I'm not sure if I'll invest in a full size version of this, but it's nice as a sample and change to my routine!

Magazine gifts are really great ways to gain a newer fan base and introduce people to products they may not have tried before, so whenever I see magazines with gifts I tend to buy them!

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