Monday, 18 June 2012

Black & Silver nails

I've been getting slightly more creative with my nails lately, although as you can see from these pictures I am still very much an amateur! However, I have to start somewhere! Here I used Collection 2000 in Liquorice with the Rimmel mattifying topcoat I blogged about previously. Although that looked nice on its own, I then did a thin half moon (however sometimes it was just a line!) at the bottom of each nail. I loved how it looked and lots of people have commented on how nice they look! I recently got paid (at last!) and now I'm looking at more creative nail designs and accessories! I'm still lusting after the Ciate Caviar nail varnish, but as I blogged about before, it is quite expensive! I also like the glitter pots I've been seeing in Superdrug, I think they're by GOSH? Keep an eye out for future nail art posts! 

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