Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rimmel Pro Matte Finish

Pro Matte Finish, Rimmel / Fire Engine, Collection 2000 / Grey, Barry M

Please excuse how badly I painted my nails! I was in a rush!
I've been lusting after this top coat from Rimmel for so long. I don't know why I haven't bought it before yesterday, whenever I'd go shopping it would just slip my mind!
I really like matte nails and this takes the shine off any nail polish. It's used instead of a top coat, that would add shine. I really like it as now all my nail varnishes can have two tones, practically doubling my nail varnish collection!
I mixed a burgandy colour with a dark grey at the moment. I love having two colours on my nails as it catches people attention and can tie into different colours in an outfit. I usually mix about what nails I but the different colours on so I always have different versions and colour matches.
I always, ALWAYS have nail varnish on. Few people have seen me without polish on. I just think nails look so much better with varnish on. Luckily, I have quite naturally long and hard nails so sometimes people mistake them for false talons. I have had false nails twice ever, and as much as I liked them and the thickness they provided, the upkeep was too much hassle and expense. Plus, natural nails are easier to change colours I think.

 In other news, I'm seeing Blink 182 on Saturday! I'm so excited!
I also got tickets to the Topshop Vogue Event in August. Is anyone else going?

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