Monday, 4 November 2013

Birthday Highlights!

Hello All!

As I may have mentioned slightly in the last few posts, it was recently my birthday. I turned 20, leaving my teenage years behind me & becoming an adult, apparently!
Due to work, I didn't go out on my actual birthday, or on Halloween. However the weekend just gone, I certainly made up for that! Spending it with all my best friends & dressing up was so fun. If you follow me on Instagram ( @missjadebd ) you can see more of my celebrations, but here are a few of my fave pics!
 Pacha with Carly
Brixton with Courtney

I was also incredibly spoilt in the present department this year & all my family & friends were so generous. Either I'm incredibly predictable, they all know me inside out or they read my blog, as they all got me perfect presents :)
So thank you to everyone who made me birthday week (yes, week) as amazing as it was

Although I loved each & every one of my presents, I couldn't talk about them all (not to sounds too spoilt or big headed), so I picked out my high lights to share with you!

Disclaimer- I am in no way bragging or showing off. I have incredibly generous friends & family, & am so grateful for everything I received.

 Cherry Red Shoes - Dr. Martens from my Mum & Step Dad | Vogue On.. Coco Chanel from my best friend Carly
 Monochrome Boots - Lavish Alice from my brother | Skull Scarf - H&M from my best friend Courtney
 Black & White Skorts - Amazon a cheeky birthday present to myself! | Bowler Hat - Topshop from my Mum & Step Dad
Clockwise from top left: Black & Black with red glitter nail polish from my aunt & uncle | Chloe purfume from my other aunt & uncle | Barry M Nail Art Pens one from my Mum and Step Dad, & One from another aunt & uncle | 'I Saw Red' Bleech London dye from Courtney again!

My Aunt also took me to see 'Wicked' in the West End, which was honestly amazing!

I had such an amazing 20th, thank you to everyone involved!
Needless to say, I probably won't be doing any hauls or wish lists for the foreseeable future as I got everything I wanted (sorry of that sounded really spoilt brattish) 
How was everyone's Halloween?

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