Wednesday, 6 November 2013

ART: Lauren Baker

Hello All, 

As I mentioned in my first 'ART' port, which you can read here, I wanted to make there ART posts fairly regular. With work & attempting to have a social life, getting to galleries / exhibitions gets pushed back a bit. 

However, Millie, from She Hearts The High Street, my fellow skull enthusiast, introduced me to Lauren Baker.
Initially, I fell in love with her custom made skulls. Throughout this year, she had been running Skull Workshops, in which you could chose, decorate & take home your very own skull! Unfortunately I missed out :( But here are a selection of my favourite skulls, more can be found here
Frank & Frankie

But, since hearing about her, I have become incredibly interested in her art work. Although the skulls remain my favourite, I really like the Mosaic's especially in the cape collaborations with fashion label Velevet Johnstone & shoe collaboration with Joanne Stoker
photograph by Neil Collins
Photographed by Sacha Rainbow

Another thing I really like about art is art for a cause. Of course, creativity for creativities sake is beautiful & I find it admirable when people create such moving pieces. However, combining a talent with a good cause is so amazing. Lauren Baker created the below, crystal encrusted Tiger head for Save The Tigers
'Baker's most intricate work; The Crystal Tiger is a life-size tiger head sculpture encrusted with 35,000 Swarovski crystals. World-renowned luxury shoe designer Jimmy Choo endorsed and unveiled The Crystal Tiger at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. The artwork, which was modeled by trend-setting actress Jaime Winstone, fetched £10.5k at auction on 21st March 2013 for the tiger conservation charity Save Wild Tigers. '
You may already know that I love cats, sometimes I genuinely think they are better than people! I went to ZSL recently, & fell in love with the new tiger section. Also, I actually shed a little tear when I found out the baby tiger cub drowned. So the fact Lauren has used her amazing talents to support a cause I feel strongly about, appealed to me even more!

I hope that in the future she will be hosting more Skull Workshops as I would love to go to one!

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