Sunday, 17 November 2013

BEAUTY: 'I Saw Red' Bleach London Super Cool Colours

Hello All,

As I featured in my Birthday Highlights post, which you can read here, my lovely friend Courtney bought me Bleach London Super Cool Colour in 'I Saw Red'. Being a red head, I constantly battle with maintaining the right shade of red & covering the ginger tinges that show through after only a few washes (in very cold water may I add!)
So this present was absolutely perfect (thanks Courtney!). I had previously used Schwarzkopf 'Red Passion' dye, which to be honest I was quite disappointed with. It wasn't red enough for me. I have never bleached my hair, luckily my hair takes red very well, probably due to my natural red hue. I had heard that the Bleach Super Cool Colours only work on bleached/ prelightened hair, but I've been using crazy colour & directions semi-perminents for a while now & they've always seemed to give me the refresh I wanted between permanent dyes.

This is the colour my hair had faded to just before using 'I Saw Red'
 Please ignore the bare face, I was about to wash / dye my hair the shower!
As you can see, although it was still red, there were several shades, & it was very ginger towards the ends!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of my application progress. But, Zoe, from The London Lipgloss has a fantastic video to show you how to dye your hair at home, which you can view here  Although she is using blue, it's the same application progress, of roots then lengths. 
The texture of 'I Saw Red' was different to that of Crazy Colour or Directions. I thought it was much thicker, which at first I didn't like, however by the end I found it was helpful to feel if I'd missed any spots! It looks like a very small bottle (It's 150ML), however it covered my entire hair, which is both long & very thick!

My friend, Katherine, also put a purple toner in her hair whilst I did the red!
As you can see, it's a very vibrant red, & I managed to not get any on my forehead!

At first, in the light in my room & after a rough dye, I was quite disappointed. It seemed nothing much had changed. However, once I went into natural light, & my hair was fully dry, I could definitely notice more vibrancy to my red locks.

Left: no flash | Right: flash

I really love the rich red that my hair went. In natural or artificial light, with flash & without, I'm still undoubtedly a red head, which I lacked before. Previously, I only looked very red headed with a flash or in daylight. Now, I'm scarlet and proud!
I would definitely use 'I Saw Red' by Bleach London again, as the process wasn't messy & the results were great. You can buy various shades of the Bleach Super Cool Colours online & in store at Boots, & they only cost £5.

Thank you again Courtney:)

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