Friday, 7 June 2013

Little Ghost Jewellery- Vintage Bespoke Beauty

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Happy Friday! We've had such nice weather this week, which will apparently continue over the weekend, better get the factor 50 out.
Today I want to talk to you about a unique jewellery brand I came across this week; Little Ghost Jewellery. Finding them on twitter and following through to the website I fell in love with the jewellery immediately. I recently featured The Great Frog that has really dramatic, chunky silver pieces, which I do love. However, Little Ghost Jewellery are delicate and lovingly made from unusual vintage objects, not usually seen in jewellery.

I wanted to fully research this post so I spoke to owner and designer, Lisa, who said:
'I have always had a love of Victorian and Edwardian times and I wanted to create jewellery that combined the past yet had a unique modern feel'
I think she has most definitely succeeded. Many of the beautiful necklaces are made from antique door or cabinet hinges and locks, or cogs from clocks giving them the much sort after vintage look that many high street retailers feign in their jewellery lines.

With the name coming from an old book of poems and making old, often blackened pieces and creating bespoke jewellery, Little Ghost Jewellery combines the right amount of delicacy and size to add subtle yet eye-catching  necklaces. Another great tool Lisa has used is old typewriter keys, giving you the option to buy a personalized necklace with your initial from an authentic source, rather than a plastic copy.
You'll be able to see the brilliant branding that runs through all channels of the website and twitter, from product shots on pages of 'Wuthering Heights', to the distressed Victorian wallpaper, the whole brand echos a time gone by and vintage.
Affordable and unique, I love this jewellery brand. Knowing that it is lovingly made by someone who is passionate about creating beautiful and bespoke jewellery makes me like it even more. Also knowing that you are unlikely to see anyone else with the exact piece you are wearing is a bonus.
I will leave you with my personal favourite piece, from the Midnight Collection:

Follow Little Ghost Jewellery on Twitter @lisalittleghost or shop the jewellery online at and find your little piece of vintage treasure!


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