Thursday, 20 June 2013

National Kissing Day: My Tips for Kissable Lips!

Hello all!
Mwah Mwah Darlings! Today is 'National Kissing Day', and to celebrate (apart from planting several big kisses on my half-sleep 'no-a-morning-person' boyfriend this morning) I though I would share with you my secret to soft lips.
I suffer with incredibly dry and cracked lips. Previously, any lipstick I would wear, would sink straight into these cracks and result in really uneven coverage. That was until 'Lush Lip Scrub' came into my life and became a perminent feature of my beauty routine. I have the flavour 'Bubblegum', which smells delicious and looks great amongst my beauty products too. I have always loved Lush's ethos and love of using natural, organic and often vegan ingredients in their products. The simple mixture of sugar and essential oils in the lip scrub means that it gently exfoliates and clears the dead skin on your lips, leaving them so soft and smooth. 
So now I have the softest lips possible. As a serial red lipstick wearer, kissing becomes a problem! Lip Stains are really great as they last and modern formula's are anti-drying. Some lip stains have quite a glossy finish, which I really don't like. I am definitely a matte girl, which doesn't really bode well for someone with dry lips, but I am stubborn and I know what I like! I love Benefit's Benetint for a soft pinky-red stain (just remember to screw the lip on well. When they call it a stain, they really mean it! Just ask my previous makeup bag....) If you don't want to spulrge on Benetint, MeMeMe Pussycat Cheek + Lip Stain is a great cheap alternative.
Other lip essential for me are Carmex Cherry Lip Balm and Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast. I love the tingling sensation they both give. It's like you can actually feel it working! The cherry scent of the former is lovely, and the latter is a beauty top given to me by the lovely makeup artist Florrie White, who suggested using original Blistex, but being the princess that I am, I sourced out the Raspberry Lemonade scent and it is lovely! Having a tube of either of these with you is definitely a must!

So there you are! My Tips for Kissable Lips!

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