Friday, 14 June 2013

#RedLippyProject- Red Lipsticks For All Budgets!

Hello all

From the 9th-15th June, it is Cervical Cancer Awareness Week.To gain this awareness the concept of #redlippyproject was announced- everyone was to rock their red lips using the hashtag to gain attention and remind people how important it is to get checked.
As a fond wearer of red lipstick, this idea and concept was perfect, combining charity effort with cosmetics. I rocked a red lip most days this week (which was surprisingly easy. I didn't realize I had so many!) so I thought I would bring you my 3 favourites, but in my usual way, supplying you with a Save, Spend & Splurge option!
SAVE Rimmel Kate Moss Matte in 'Kiss of Life' - £5.49
SPEND MAC Retro Matte in 'Ruby Woo'- £14
SPULRGE Chanel Rouge Allure in 'Passion' - £25

Kate Moss' lipstick collections for drugstore brand Rimmel are a firm favourite in my lipstick collection. Great pigmentation at such a good price, you just can't go wrong! Although there is a range of colour to choose from, in both the Lasting Finish and Matte collections, I think the reds of both collections champion. 'Kiss of Life' is a punchy, bright red with a matte finish, but not drying.

MAC lipsticks are a go-to for me, they are my most reached for amongst my collection. My favourite formula is definitely matte, however this retro matte is great too. If you are prone to dry lips, definitely use a rich lipbalm underneath as it tends to be quite drying. 'Ruby Woo' is a bright, blue toned red, great for my pink tinged skin. It's a cult classic and will definitely last all day.

Oh, Chanel! I have only recently began to use Chanel makeup, and I am no dissapointed with the quality or colour pay off.  The price is quite a lot for make up, but if you want to treat yourself or a loved one, definitely head to the Chanel counter! Although they do not have a matte collection, the Rouge Allure are extremely moisturising, great for my dry lips! The whole lipstick is luxurious, from the gold packaging to the luscious texture. 'Passion' is my favourite for a bright bold red. I was lucky enough to get my make up done by Florrie White at the Chanel Make up Boutique in Covent Garden this week and she used 'Passion' on me, and I honestly didn't need to reapply once.

I hope you all rocked your red lips this week for #RedLippyProject! I think it's a great idea and I really enjoyed having a reason to wear all my red lipsticks!

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