Monday, 3 September 2012

Weekly Wish List #3

Wish List

Scarf - Alexander McQueen / Del Rey Bag - Mulberry / Dip Hem Skirt - New Look / Dr. Marten's / Bowler Hat - TopShop / Silver Ring - TopShop / Studded Purse - TopShop
This weeks Wish List is a mix of designer and high street and, as you can see, burgandy is prominent! The first two items, the McQueen and Mulberry, are obviously wish list items, things I can dream to own. The rest are pretty affordable and I definitely want them all!
With my new hair (see previous post) I want to bring some more colour to my waredrobe and I am absolutely loving burgandy, berry, wine colours. And, of course, I couldn't stay away from the studded purse that I saw at the TopShop / Vogue Event.
Also, I want to start trying out hats with my new hair. I love hats, I just think they don't suit me, but I want to branch out and try new things so later this week I plan to buy this hat and see how it goes.

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