Thursday, 9 August 2012

Spice Up Your Life!

I logged on to polyvore yesterday and noticed the 'Which Spice Girl are you?' contest in the Ideas tab so thought I might as well have a go! I remember listening to my Spice Girl's tapes (thats right, tapes) on a little purple radio and watching 'Spice World' numerous times! I'll even admit that I had the 'Spice World' game for PlayStation! So it was safe to say I was a bit of a fan!
The contest was to create collages or looks for the members of the Spice Girls, and as I browesed already submitted ones, I decided to stick with their original styles but create them with up to date fashion. Some entries were more reflective of the member's styles now, but I liked the individuality and outrageousness of them in the 90s, so I stuck with that. Here are Baby, Posh, Scary and Ginger Spice's collages (My Sporty Spice one was just too awful!)

I've got to say, I absolutely adore the outfit for Posh, and I intend to recreate it, if I have the confidence to do so!
My favourite member was always Ginger Spice, and I've decided the next fancy dress party I go to, I will consider her as an option!

Which Spice Girl was your favourite?

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