Tuesday, 21 August 2012

50 Shades Of Grey Inspired Fashion

50 Shades Of Grey

This morning I finally jumped on the bandwagon and started to read '50 Shades of Grey' by E.L James (who by very tenuous links it appears I am sort of distantly related too). I am still opposed to the idea of a woman succumbing to a rich man's pleasure and being dominated and, effectively, used as a sex doll. However apparently the high street and designers are also joining in the hype of the Best Seller series. Bongade / S&M inspired fashion is everywhere at the moment and will continue into A/W '12. Hints of lace and leather, corseted silhouettes and power platform heels show a link to a sexualized post '50 Shades' society. What I like however is how fashion has translated it into powerful dressing for the woman, espicially in the tie jewellery and sharp structured shapes. This suggests she is in control rather than a Christian Grey figure of money and authority. It isn't about dressing for a mans pleasure, it is instead about feeling sexy in yourself and in feeling confident and power you will inevitably appear sexy. Although some may find this intimidating (no doubt Mr Grey who likes clumsy, innocent Ana) I believe there is nothing more sexy than a confident, empowered woman. 
And in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt 'Well behaved women rarely make history' 


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