Sunday, 5 August 2012

Broadwalk Empire Series 2 DVD Launch Event

As I meantioned in my earlier post, I attended the 'Broadwalk Empire' Series 2 DVD Launch Event in Regents Street a few weeks ago. It was held in Tommy Guns Salon, which is a really cool Salon under on the ground floor of SuperDry. It was originally a Barber shop designed by Percy Westwood and Joseph Emberton it opened in 1929 and its been restored by Tommy Guns. Its a mix of original features such as the towel heater, with more modern decor so it was the perfect setting for this event! I, myself, had never heard of 'Broadwalk Empire' before I attended this, but you can find a quick synopsis here.

Anyway, the eveing consisted of champagne, cocktails and canapes, mini hair and makeup demos for the ladies and hair styles and wet shaves for the gentlemen, a small Blackjack tabel and then an amazing Burlesque performance by Gwendoline Lamour. Over all it was an amazing 20's themed evening in which I had a bit too much champagne but thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

The twenties theme however inspired me, along with the forthcoming Hollywood release of 'The Great Gatsby' (well, in December), to create a twenties style mood board. Enjoy!
I love the glamourous decadence of the period and embellishments and pearls. I really like the cuts of the dresses and if I had the figure and lifestyle (and budget) I would love to dress like this all the time.

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