Thursday, 10 May 2012

Weekly Wish List #1

Weekly Wish List #1

I'm Jade BD, and this is my new blog, Lipstick&Lace!
I decided to start with my Dream Designer wish list as my first post. However how I'll share my more realistic Weekend Wish List so you can get a feel for my style and what I like.

1. Denim shirt with sheer sleeves- (£24.99). I love this new range for Missguided- Peace+Love. It mixes tough and girly really well and I love her sheer sleeves and back on this shirt.

2, Freia Clock Face Necklace- (£5.99). Another Missguiged piece here. As will be a common theme of my blog, as it is affordable and I always find something I like on their website. This is really cute and has a vinatge feel to it.

3. Pearl Collar Denim Shirt- (£24.99). Missguided again! This is more girly than the other demin shirt I want, with the pearl embelishment. I think it would look great with a high waister shirt, or open for a more casual look.

4. Jenine Suede Studded Platform Shoe Boots- (£50.00). Penultimate Missguided item! I've wanted these for such a long time, but they sell out of size 4 really quickly. Also, my boyfriend is not that much taller than me so I wouldn't get a chance to wear them very often.

5. Kiss Ever Easy False Eyelashes 03- Boots (£6.50). I have an allergy to latex, and suprisingly many false eyelashes contain rubber latex! So I've found that this make are made with a different matterial, therefore I can actually wear them! This is the longest, thickest style which I like as I have incredibly thin lashes and sometimes I like to have HUGE lashes.

6. MeMeMe Blush Box 4 Rouge- Superdrug (£8.50). I love how this echos the blushers from Benefit but at a fraction of the price. Although the picture is of 3 Coral, I prefer the 4 Rouge, which has a reddy pink tone which is amazing and its buildable so I can choose how dramamtic I want it.

7. Waterfall Skirt- (£27.99). I'm really into the dipped hem skirts that are on the high street at the moment. I have a black one already, but what I like about this is the sheer dipped hem that I think would make it a bit more glam to go out in, rather than the one I  have already, which is more casual.

8.Studded Collar Blouse- (£25.99). Final Missguided piece. As you can probably tell, I like shirts! Unlike most girls nowadays, I would wear a vest under this, as I hate bra's on show! I've done it once and felt so uncomfortable I chose to never do it again! I love the studs on the cuffs and collar, as they match my studded slippers from Missguided.

9. Steamy'Nail Lacquer- MAC (£9.00). I never ever have bare nails. I always have nail varnish on and occasionally I get Gels, but usually I go for darker shades, like black or deep red. However I am trying to broaden my horizons, and I love this bright pink!

10.  Caviar Manicure Set - Black Pearls- Ciate (£18.00). Since seening this in so many magazines, I'm really excited to try it. I prefer the black one as shown here.

11. ''Lickable' Lipstick- MAC (£13.50). The blue base of this bright pink lipstick is good for my pale skin, but I have red hair at the moment, so this will have to wait until I dye it a less vibrant shade so I don't clash too much! It also matches the nail lacquer.

I really hope I can afford to get some of this in the next week or so, as there is so many nice pieces on my list!

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