Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Interview Outfit Update

 I went to Oxford Street with my boyfriend on Sunday to look for some of the things on my wishlist and also for my interview outfit and bought these two items that I plan to bring to my interview, therefore an update of the Interview Outfit is necessary!
First of all, I bought the Embellished Collar Blouse from Miss Selfish, especially as I can use my Student Discount (not for much longer though, sob!). I prefer this shirt to the one I previously blogged about as the studs on that shirt, on closer inspection, weren't really matching my shoes and weren't smooth. Instead they were sort of spiraled? I still might wear this with the dipped hem skirt I have, although I also thought it would look quite nice with leather look leggings.
The bag is by Marc B in Topshop and I have lusted over it for a very long time and now I can finally justify buying it. My two favourite bags are so old (I've had one since 2006) that the handles are freying and they're torn, but I love them so much. However, I don't think it looks very professional going to an interview with a worn bag! So I bought this bag. Its a really nice size and the leather looks good quality. The only thing that worried my slightly was the gold detailing, such as the zips and logo, as I don't wear any gold. But I don't think it is too garish gold so I <3 it!


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