Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I cannot believe its nearly June already! This year is goin really, really fast for me. May was pretty uneventful in many aspects, hence the lack of pictures here, hopefully June will make for a more interesting month. However I put these together as a overview of my May.
I went out with my friends a few times this month. In first picture we went out just for the sake of going out and it was the first time I had a bit of stomach on show! I was wearing a bandeau crop top and high waisted skirt so there was about an inch and a half of stomach on show but I was still so out of my comfort zone! The second photo was on my last day ever of college (eek!) so we went out to celebrate!
This month I also sorted out all my nail varnishes, as I'm trying to branch out and stop dressing in, and chosing red and black clothes/accessories/beauty products. However as you can see, I still have many many red nail varnishes!
Me and my boyfriend baby sat my brother and I spent almost the whole time enjoying his toys more than he did. Whoops. Speaking of my boyfriend, we celebrated 8 months of being together this month (n'awwww) so went to TGI Friday's in Leicester square, and had the nicest cocktails and food! It was awsome!
I also lost my Graze box virginity this month, and I loved it. Definitely going to be ordering more!

Overall, May was quite a quiet month, and I have all my exams in June so I'm not sure how much I'll be posting. Good luck to anyone else who have exams coming up!
Final note! I had my interview last friday, which fingers-crossed went well. I loved the atmosphere there so would LOVE to get the internship!

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