Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dr Martens

Dr Martens

Since an early an age, I have always loved Dr Martens. This may have stemmed from having fairly 'alternative' parents who both wore Docs themselves. My mum had a fabulous pair of purple velvet ones, but unfortunately she's a size 7 and I'm only a 4, so no chance of a hand-me-down there!
Also my Dad's girlfriend at the time worked for the Dr Marten's shop that used to be in Covent Garden, so in a way a grew up in them.
I will always remember the first pair I chose myself; luminous lime green covered in daisies! God knows what I was thinking, but I loved them and they were the first of many!

At the moment, I only have one pair, black 14 hole black with red roses up the side. I adore them (no I've finally broken them in!) however I realised I need to wear them more!

Above are a selection of Docs that I either want to get or really like but wouldn't suit my style. The Cherry red pair on the left will be my next pair when I save enough. I don't mind paying over £100 for a good pair of boots as I know they'll last. In fact, they have a lifetime guarantee!

They even do swarovski crytal covered Dr Martens now, however they are really expensive. I might have to do a DIY version with cheaper diamontees!

Overall though, I think Dr Martens are a timeless fashion statement. From the Punks to the Hipsters, Grungers to Girly Girls, there are a pair for everyone. Especially since singers like Cher Lloyd and Jessie J have brought them to the publics attention, more so than ever Dr Martens are a fab way to toughen up any outfit and are so comfortable!

I <3 Dr Martens!

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